Chime in: Have you tried gaming on Surface Go?

Microsoft's Surface Go isn't designed for gaming, sporting light specs aimed at basic computing, but thanks to the legacy of software across Windows, many older games can and do work quite well. A discussion in our forums is tackling this exact topic right now, have you tried gaming on the Go? If so, we want to hear your thoughts.

Best answer: For casual, retro, and less-intensive games, yes. The Surface Go is capable of running low-intensity games like Civilization 5, Hearthstone, and Minecraft, as well as Windows' extensive legacy back catalog. Microsoft: Surface Go (from $400) Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...

I tested the 4GB RAM Surface Go model fairly extensively over the course of a couple of weeks and found that, while it can run some older "modern" titles, the device simply can't cut it when it comes to more intensive games. The 8GB model no doubt fares somewhat better with shooters and other games, but you certainly shouldn't expect to be running the latest AAA games on it.

Have you tried gaming on your Surface Go? We'd love to hear your experiences, regarding games that do run well, and games that, well, don't.

From the forums: Can you game on the Surface Go?

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