Groove Music is dead and buried. I absolutely loved Groove Music. It had a great app, and a healthy collection of music. Unfortunately, that business just wasn't sustainable for Microsoft, and as such they closed it down. I had been using Microsoft's music services since Zune, as it transformed into Xbox Music and eventually Groove Music. So the death of Groove Music was a big change for me.

Best alternatives to Groove Music

So, we want to know how you're continuing to buy or listen to your music now that Groove Music is gone. Did you make to the switch to another streaming service? Or did you buy all your music and now listen to it via OneDrive? For me, I switched to Spotify. It's cross-platform, and has apps available on Windows, Xbox and more. It also has integration with my Harman Kardon Invoke, which is excellent.

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With Groove music subscription gone and music gone from te store how are u buying hour's? I loved Groove Music used my pass all the time to either download or buy music if I liked a song a lot I would buy it. Since Amazon released the Amazon Music player App and I had bought music from Amazon in the past, I'll use the Amazon Music player to buy music. I have a Spotify Subscription but the...


There are plenty of other streaming services available, including Apple Music and Google Play Music. I personally think Spotify is the better service, however. Let us know how you're managing, buying or streaming your music in our forums!

It's now "2018" with music is gone from the MSFT Store, how are buying your music?

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