Chime in: How loud is your Xbox One X fan?

Microsoft's flagship Xbox console, the Xbox One X, is a beastly gaming machine, promising 4K resolutions, HDR, and other visual enhancements. Xbox One X 'Enhanced' games leverage this additional horsepower, with upgrades specifically tailored to the console. However, this increased processing power requires an advanced "vapor chamber" cooling system to avoid getting too toasty.

While our Xbox One X review praised its quiet cooling, some buyers are finding their consoles too loud for their liking. One Windows Central forum user recently asked for your opinion, noticing a 'pulsing' sound coming from his console.

Just recently bought a One X from GameStop and had a few questions. First off when running X enhanced games I've notice that the fan does get a little loud but also there is an odd pulsing of RPMs that it does. It will go fast for about 1-2 seconds then slow down for 1-2 seconds, speed up and slow down in a loop kind of but it's a very small difference when you try to listen for it. Is that...


As always, we want to hear from you. Is your Xbox One X creating weird noises? Or does your console generally run silently? Drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

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Matt Brown

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