We've written quite a bit about VPNs, because they seem to be gaining in popularity as the internet becomes more monitored and more dangerous.

Best VPN services for 2017

Windows Central Managing Editor Al Sacco recently started a thread in our forum asking whether or not you use a VPN, and what reasons you have either way.

Al Sacco

We write quite a bit about VPNs on Windows Central. And for good reason. You really can't be too safe on the internet these days, and as long as you research and trust your VPN provider, a good VPN can increase online security and privacy. But the good ones often are not free, or if they are, there's some sort of catch. Personally, I would not connect to ANY public Wi-Fi hotspot without...


Sacco goes on to say that he uses two separate VPNs, one for work and one for personal use, and wouldn't think of using public Wi-Fi without one. Is he overreacting? Is he not taking enough of a precaution?

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