Chime in: Is Microsoft's Windows Ink and Surface Pen strategy a failure?

Microsoft's Surface lineup of PCs and accessories are some of the finest Windows products on the market, and they're well-loved here at Windows Central. Careful design, beautiful displays, and plenty of power all contribute to setting a standard for other manufacturers to follow. One thing Surface devices all have going for them is the Surface Pen, which offers a clean and smooth inking experience.

However, not everyone is satisfied. Windows Central forum member Satish Singh recently created a thread stating that Surface is a failed attempt by Microsoft to replace real paper.

Microsoft launched its first Surface device in 2012 and with it, aimed to revolutionise the way we write and draw besides providing us with a powerful computing experience on a smaller form-factor. After 5 long years and numerous updates, it succeeded in the later but failed in other aspects. I say this because I have seen very few people using Surface to write and draw. I myself do not enjoy...


Singh mentions that the Surface lineup needs further improvements if it wants to "dethrone" paper, and that there are other devices out there that offer a better writing experience. There are plenty of other members already contributing to this thread, mentioning that Microsoft has never explicitly stated it's trying to do away with paper, and also mentioning that inking hasn't actually been around since the start of the Surface line.

Have any thoughts on this? Do you regularly use your Surface Pen to write and draw? Do you think Microsoft's goal is to eliminate paper, or are they just out to create a great digital inking experience? Head over to the forum and join the lively discussion!

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