Chime in: Is VR doomed to fail already?

With the release of major PC-based systems Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in 2016, VR got a huge boost. This was followed up later by Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), which again gave the industry a bit of a punch in the arm.

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Those who own a VR headset will probably tell you that it's not going anywhere — for a lot of people, it's just too much fun to imagine disappearing — while others will let you know that it was doomed from the start. Windows Central forum member rodneyej recently created a thread asking if VR is already becoming an afterthought.

Is AR/VR already becoming an after thought in the tech world, and for consumers? Is it too soon? Did AR/VR not pan out to be the industry shifting new technology that we thought it would be?..... Thoughts?


Rodneyej also asks whether VR turned out to be as "industry-shifting" as once thought and whether it's too soon for this type of experience to become ultra popular. Could wireless headsets be the trigger? What about higher-res displays?

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Head over to the forum and share your opinion on the state of VR. There are no wrong answers here; just bring a solid argument and let it be heard.

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