Chime in: What are you doing with your old Windows phones?

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Now that the Windows phone ship has sailed, we want to know how you're using your old and beaten Windows phones in 2017. We know there are several of you who are still using Windows phone full time, and to you, I say God bless you. But for the rest of the world who switched away, what did you do with it?

I know what my old phones are doing. I still use my Lumia 950 XL as a test platform for the Insider Program. Although the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program is kind of worthless now, it still receives builds every now and then and you never know what new UWP app will show up with support for phones.

What can you do with your MS abandoned 950xl or other W10M device? Spoonrest Door Stopper Projector Leveler Drink Coaster What other ways can we use these bricks?


But outside of that, my 950 XL has no real use anymore. It's still a great camera, but I find the camera on my Galaxy S8 to be more than capable, so much so I don't really need to take my 950 XL with me to take photos anymore. The industry caught up, and Lumia cameras are no longer the best on the market.

So, we want to know what you're doing with your old Windows phones. Let us know in our forums, where our community is already having this discussion!

What are you doing with your old, abandoned Windows phones?

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