When the Xbox One first launched in 2013, Microsoft drove home the console's capabilities as a media device. With TV, film, and music all integral to the experience, the console attempted to encompass all forms of digital entertainment across the company's various services. Nearly four years down the line, it's a slightly different story. Games are now a clear focus of the device, and while the Xbox One is a viable media center, they're not pushing the entertainment angle as hard as they did in 2013.

A user over on the Windows Central forums recently experienced some issues with his standalone set-top box and getting the device configured with his Xbox One S. With only a limited range of tuners supported by the console, getting devices to work together can prove to be difficult – especially when working with non-mainstream brands.

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Allen Rhodes
Allen Rhodes

First post on this forum. I just realized I can watch my OTA via my One S. My tuner is by Terk, not a supported brand. Is there a way around this for control, import IR commands? Worst case I could program my remote to enter the commands on the corresponding buttons when Xbox is the source. But I'd rather keep it within Xbox.


But we want to hear from you! Are you using your Xbox One console alongside a standalone set-top box? If so, which box and accessories do you use? And if you're a user of a Terk device, make sure to pop into the above forum thread and give Allen a hand.