Chime in: What is Microsoft doing with Skype?

In the spring of 2011, Microsoft paid a whopping $7 billion to acquire Skype. Today, Skype is still very popular, but Microsoft hasn't really left any lasting impression on the service. In fact, in recent days it's been the target of some strong criticism related to a redesign of the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Today there's a conversation going on in our forums about Microsoft and its plans for Skype … or lack thereof.

Hi I know its a bit off topic. But since this place is filled with microsoft enthusiasts, I wanted to know what exactly could be microsoft's intentions for the new skype. They totally ruined it while making it to compete with giants like whatsapp. What are your views?


Personally, I use Skype here and there, but it's not my go-to messaging service by any means. So I'm not all that invested in it. That said, some of my colleagues at Windows Central and at Mobile Nations (our parent company) swear by Skype — and some of them felt very strongly about the recent design of the mobile apps.

What do you think about what Microsoft has done with Skype so far? What do you think it should do in the future? Hit the forum link below and chime with your two cents.

From the forums: What's Microsoft's future plans for skype?

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