Chime in: What is your favorite Android launcher?

Android Launchers come in all shapes and sizes, with different styles and features. Some offer Windows phone-like customizability, complete with a "Live tile"-like experience. Others go deep on productivity and functionality, such as Redmond's own Microsoft Launcher. Others are big on style, such as the slick Evie Launcher (a personal favorite).

We created a forum thread on Windows Central that asks, What is YOUR favorite Android launcher?

Hey all, Recently I took a look at Launcher 10 which brings some rudimentary "live tile"-like experiences to Android, and the comments were filled with people recommending other launchers and such, including Microsoft's own. I wondered, for those of us switching from Windows Phone to Android, what launchers would you recommend? What do you like most?

Jez Corden

I've tried out some Windows phone-like Android launchers, such as SquareHome 2 and Launcher 10, but I find myself falling back on Evie.

Jump into the thread below and let us know what you're using on Android!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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