Chime in: What's your pick for the best touchscreen PC monitor?

Choosing a new monitor for a PC build or an external option for a laptop can be a tough decision. You want to get the size right for your workspace and workload, you want to balance price with features, and you want something that's going to last, both in relevant resolution and durability.

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Adding touch function to those parameters makes the decision even tougher, especially if pen support is a requirement. Windows Central forum member Raghunath Waltz recently created a thread asking for buying advice when it comes to monitors with touchscreens, mentioning that Windows Ink support is indeed a requirement.

Hi guys! Nothing special, nothing unique. Just need to know the best touch screen monitor for my custom PC. It should have windows ink support. Thanks!

Raghunath Waltz

These types of monitors do exist, but some are very expensive while others might not come from a popular manufacturer, leading to a bit of hesitation. First-hand experience is always the best, so be sure to head over to the forum and let Raghunath Waltz know about your pick for an external touchscreen monitor.

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