Chime in: Which iOS keyboard app is best for former Windows phone users?

Many former Windows phone users have been forced out of their natural habitats and have taken refuge in either Android or iOS. Part of that change involves getting used to a new keyboard. Windows Mobile has one of the best (or at least the most familiar), and it would be nice to be able to carry it over to the other platforms.

Windows Central forum member PerfectReign recently started a thread asking if anyone knew of a solid iOS app that mimics the Windows keyboard.

Hey. I mostly use my Iphone day to day. Love the face recognition and the apps. My X3 is at home. I'm using it now to look to vacation information while my other phone rests and charges. Question, is there any keyboard like the Microsoft one out there? I use SwiftKey which is something like Microsofts but not quite.


PerfectReign mentions that SwiftKey is a close alternative, but just doesn't quite seem right. There is no doubt plenty of apps out there that come close; do you know of any that are absolutely must-have for former Windows phone users?

Be sure to drop into the thread and share your valuable information with PerfectReign and the rest of the refugees looking for a bit of familiarity from days gone by.

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