Chime in: Will always connected PCs solve Microsoft's mobile problem?

It's a question that fans of Windows phones cannot stop asking themselves: Does Windows 10 on ARM give us any hope for the future of Windows on a phone? And that's the story down in the Windows Central Forums right now.

OEMs just announced 'always connected' devices, running Windows 10 on ARM with incredible battery life. Will (hopefully) the success of a new architecture of computers attract developers back to Windows Mobile Platform, thereby giving a boost to the lost smart phone strategy OR will the new functionality added to computers leave smart phones from the house of Windows less significant, or in...

Deekshith K P

No, this isn't more questions about the mythical Surface Phone, but it does raise an interesting question. Windows 10 in its entirety will now be running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, the same as the latest high-end Android smartphones. And naturally, everyone hopes these devices will be a roaring success.

There's reason to be confident. The idea of an always-connected PC with built-in cellular data and incredible battery life is exciting to a lot of people. If successful, could it attract developers back to the UWP platform? And in turn, could this revive smartphone fortunes?

Smartphones are still a pretty far reach for Windows it seems going forwards, especially with Microsoft's attention of late to iOS and in particular, Android. The likelihood could also be that ARM-powered PCs and tablets become successful enough that there's no reason to focus any energy on phones at all.

In any case, it's an interesting topic that will continue to pose questions for weeks and months to come. If you've anything to add to the conversation, hit the forums link below to get started.

Windows 10 on ARM and the Mobile Strategy

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