Chime in: Is the Windows Store flaky and unreliable for you?

Unfortunately, for some users, that doesn't always appear to be the case.

If you love Windows, as we do at Windows Central, you accept the platform for what it is, and you take the good with the bad, the beauty with the warts. For some users, such as forum member pallentx, those "warts" include reoccurring issues with the Windows Store. Pallentx started a thread to discuss this subject and have other Windows users weigh in:

I've had store issues like this since Windows 8 first launched the store. How long does it take to make this platform more stable? You cant expect users to go all in on a app marketplace with something like Windows 10 S if they keep getting this junk. Yes, its been reported to feedback with all the other reports.


Personally, I have the occasional issue with the Store hanging up on an update, but if I restart my PC and try again, the problem usually resolves itself. That's inconvenient, but it's not a big deal. However, I can see how the issue described in the thread would be much more annoying.

It begs the question of whether the Store is up to snuff. Do you have constant problems with the Store? If so, what are those problems, and how do you resolve them? Taking it a step further, what does Microsoft need to do with the Store to make sure it keeps up with the competition. Hit the forum link below and "chime in" with your thoughts.

From the forums: No excuse for this to be still happening

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