Chime in: Would you be interested in a gaming-focused Surface?

Surface Book and Xbox
Surface Book and Xbox (Image credit: Windows Central)

Surface devices have always flirted with gaming capabilities. Thanks to the vast back catalog of classic Windows games out there, there have always been hundreds, maybe thousands of games that are totally playble with every type of x86 Surface. With the Surface Book line, however, Microsoft began introducing powerful dedicated GPUs into the mix, enabling even more capable gaming scenarios.

The Surface Book 2 15-inch, for example, has a GTX 1060 which is no slouch and comes complete with Xbox Wireless for direct controller connectivity. What if Microsoft were to make a truly dedicated gaming Surface though?

We'd like to hear your responses to the matter, following on from our recent #AskDanWindows episode, where executive editor Daniel Rubino discusses the possibilities.

Should the Surface team get into gaming and what does that even mean? Would Microsoft ever make a gaming-focused Surface device (and what would it look like)? Should we expect anything on "Project Andromeda" at Build this week, and what else could the Surface team be working on? Let's dive into the latest rumors and expectations with this week's #AskDanWindows ! Full story from the...

The Surface Book 2 15-inch performs extremely well in gaming scenarios, although the power draw can struggle to keep up in intense situations, depleting the battery even when it's plugged in. I'm not sure Microsoft needs to make a "gamer" Surface, but as Surface devices get more powerful, they'll become more versatile, and include gaming as a byproduct.

What do you think? Hit the forums and let us know.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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