China gains more priority with Windows Phone 8, launching in late December

The Chinese smartphone market has been growing at a shocking speed, overtaking almost every other country so far. However, the country has traditionally been very low in the gadget launching echelon.

Even Apple, who is making a very large share of its profit from China these days, has been putting the country in the 2nd or 3rd batch. Microsoft and its Windows Phone OEMs have been doing worse. Windows Phone 7 first launced in Europe back in October 2010, in the US in November 2012, and in China... March 2012.

This is about to change, says Chinese tech site WPDang. Windows Phone 8 is said to be launched in China as soon as the 3rd week of December, this year. Only one month after the US. A thousand times better than last time.

Nokia will most likely be leading the expansion in China. After all, Nokia is still having very heavy presence, and rather strong brand loyalty. The Finnish phone maker is controlling over 75% of Chinese Windows Phone market, according to a market report released by WPDang last month. The coming of Windows Phone 8 is a great opportunity to strengthen the ecosystem in the rapidly growing market, and maybe edge the other Windows Phone OEMs out a bit more.

In earlier news, the Lumia 920 for China Mobile (the largest of China's three carriers) had surfaced. According to WPDang's anonymous source, a separate version for China Unicom (the smaller carrier). Meanwhile, China Telecom (the smallest carrier) was Nokia's launch partner for Lumia 800, therefore we can safely assume the two will cooperate again on Lumia 920 too. It's quite some achievement to get along well with all three carriers in the country.

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Following the thinking of "we better have a bit of everything, just in case", the Chinese government lead the 3G network into sort of a mess. Telecommunication is a 100% state-controlled sector, carriers are entirely owned by the government, and could do only what they are told to. Therefore China Unicom was given the WCDMA operating license, China Telecom given CDMA 2000, while China Mobile was assigned the homegrown (not compatible with anything else in the international market) "TD-SCDMA".

To make the matter worse, China Telecom's CDMA 2000 is completely different from what's used by Verizon and Sprint by requiring a SIM card. Yes, the technology and frequency is largely the same, but to put a phone on China Telecom's network, you've got to have a slot to shove a SIM card into. Working with all three of them means a carrier should ship some of its readily made phones to Unicom, punch SIM slots on existing CDMA phones for Telecom, and switch chipset for China Mobile. Hell lot of work for sure.

Now thanks partly to China Mobile upgrading its 3G network to 4G (TD-LTE), partly to TD-LTE's compatibility with both the "everywhere else LTE" as well as its elder brother TD-SCDMA, partly to Qualcomm's super adaptive Snapdragon S4 chip, full carrier support in China is made much easier. Let's see how Samsung (Ativ S) and HTC (Accord and maybe more)will compete.

Source: WPDang

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  • Er you mean in the us 2011?
  • I think he means 2010.
  • Sorry for the off topic comment but this is to cool to not announce. as of 11:45pm west coast time the 920 is at 51% compared to 24% for the iphone5 in the wired poll. AWESOME!!!!!
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  • Any link?
  • Awesome. I've just voted for the 920 as well
  • I sent a tip to WPCentral about this poll but nothing came of it. It's interesting because initially the iPhone was leading with the S3 second but the 920 then took off. It's a very active poll also. If the S3 has sold over 20,000,000 units we could be looking at the 920 as a game changer, let's hope it isn't an AT&T exclusive.
  • I posted the link two days ago here but my posts disappeared for some reason, not only is the 920 winning the poll, but the comments from other phone owners are quite positive for Nokia, hope the poll reflects actual buyers
  • Let me see if I can post it
  • I voted,,,,have you?
  • Thanks for the link. Yes I have voted although now the lead seems to have grown by 2%. Yay
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  • we all voted :-)
  • Feeling the WP love,,,,let's all be the shephards that lead the isheep to the greener pastures of windows phones.
  • I'm thinking that the votes for iPhone 5 are so few because there probably isn't an app for that ;)
  • LMAO!!!! or maybe they can't see the link on there tiny screens haha
  • I wish it launched at the same time in all countries
  • +100%. If only that would come true but we have to be realistic.
  • Good one. Keep passing the link out folks and get those votes in. WP as at 17.9.12 still at 52% vs iPhone at 24% and Galaxy SIII at 13%
    You should also post a comment asking the editor to change their erroneous statement that there is not much to differentiate the iPhone hardware against the rest of the group!!!
  • "Windows Phone 8 is said to be launched in China as soon as the 3rd week of December, this year. nly one month after the US". Soo.. that means WP8 is to launch late Novemeber, and not late October along with Windows 8?
  • Good sir. Please don't take that sentence quite literally. Should be "approximately one month", because there doesn't seem to be any accurate date for wp8 launch yet. Should be in late-oct-early-nov-ish...
  • Well, if WP8 launches on October 26, then the third week of December feels like two months later rather than one month to me. But all right, I see what you meant. Can we settle on 1,5 month?
  • I don't think Chassit is in charge of the release schedule.
  • There are high end customers in India too for the Nokia 920
  • If I recall correctly, a phone on china telecom's network doesn't need a sim
  • Proof reading helps...
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