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Chinese Cortana has 24 personae, US version gets 6 new animations

Liking the Xiao Na persona? If so, you'll be interested to know that the Chinese Cortana has 24 different animations, which are triggered based on user queries.

Livesino has managed to compile the animations:

Cortana animations

If you're thinking that the Chinese Cortana has all the fun, fret not, as the standard version of Cortana also has various personae that are triggered based on the scenario. In addition to the existing animations,the US version has six new pop culture animations that are now available:


Interested in checking out all the animations? Head on over to Livesino from the link below.

Source: Livesino

  • Cute!!!
  • That motion-blur effect makes those animations so alive.
  • I really like the Chinese Cortana, so expressive! I'm surprised Apple and Google didn't go for an anthropomorphic representation first... But I suppose in the early design stages, they probably thought it would be pretty lame or uncool. I guess it just had to be done properly. I hope we get the option for Xiao Na.
  • There's clippy too, it blinks. have you ever seen it? it was so early.
  • How do you trigger them
  • +720
  • Yes, someone please shed some light on this
  • Do an impression
  • ask her to do an impression
  • Tried doesn't work
  • Is it just me or this Xiao na ones are all the same?
  • click on the livesino link 
  • +520
  • well they dont seem animated there do they :P
  • Visit the link, if you may.
  • That's racist dude. You can't be biased against everything that has oriental expressivity.
  • Go to for the complete animation of the image posted. All of them are different  :)
  • I've visited the link but I would like to see how and when does it occur in Cortana
  • Not to mention it's all in Chinese. No way to understand.
  • Awww... So cute
  • My idea or the chinese animations look the same? :P ^^
  • Go to the linked source article for animated gif - in the WPC article it's a png...
  • Never thought that Microsoft will troll this hard.
  • Xaxaxa well, they could just not look that same! ^^ i dont think its troll , someone will and should make a suggestion on the suggestions box
  • That's racist! LOL
  • Racist? How?
  • I'm just joking. Like how some people say they can't tell apart different Chinese people, that we all look the same. Haha
  • You just have same characteristics, so its difficult to tell you apart if you arent born chinese right? Noone's actually being racist i think, except some idiots ^^
  • So I understand that UK version has been skipped but I don't understand why?
  • I'm using the UK version!
  • UK version is unque too, her voice is beautiful too. but in temrs of animation, haven't seen anything unique for her.
  • She should not be called Cortana though
  • AI is the future.
  • Damn I really wanna use Chinese one only if it was in English lol
  • MS should let you choose which face/animations you get, which language you get and what your region is independently. Requiring them to be all the same is dumb.
  • You would be interested to know, not low.
  • That made me laugh. My Chinese friend at uni would have pronounced it like that. He used to say lokes instead of notes lol
  • ....And the UK is left behind.
  • How do you trigger these? I'd love to see the Harry Potter one in action!
  • Oh wait, not for the UK? Nevermind then... :(
  • The UK version really is at the early beta stage. I can't get her to do anything except weather and the joke about siri
  • Oh really? Have you tried turning her off/on again and turning your phone off and on? She can do more than that with me. She's told me when to leave for an appointment, all about her friendship with Clippy etc...
  • Well yeah. I have tried a couple of other things but she stumbles unless I speak slowly. Sometimes she sounds like a person being jocular and sometimes she sounds really flat and synthesised. Asking her to sing a song she just reads it. I tried reminder for f1, reminder for formula 1 and she thought I said something else but it is beta. Am sure MS are learning
  • She did some of the voices too, I asked her "what does the bird say", The team is definietly is the in middle of the work.
  • i hope we can opt to choose the look of Xiao Na for regular Cortana. SHE'S SO KAWAII!!!! :3
  • Yes, please! And if they bring the Cortana service to Japan, they know who to call!
    *Stares at the Madobe sisters and Aizawa Inori*
  • Japanese =/= Chinese
  • I know that. I'm just describing it as cute.
  • Try"do an impression"
  • That's just impressions... It's about the articles man..
  • NO ** animations ** ???????
  • I said my precious but nothing
  • I think you should say "do an impression"
  • Wow....
  • I also said abracadabra and other spell but Cortana recognize only first one
  • Any idea how to get them to show up? I thought it might be with the impersonation thing, but that didn't work.
  • So Chinese brothers, how is Xiao Na doing in China?
  • The design is wonderful. Just not as smart as US Cortana.
  • Expecto it's quite cute but...
  • I like it I know my gf buuuut I'm happy with the original Cortana logo
  • Anyone getting any Clippy flashbacks looking at those Xiao Na animations?
  • C'mon its kind of a incomplete article ... :/ give us some hint about these new animations...
  • Click the source link.
  • I saw the link ... I wanted to know how to get those animations in action in cortana... And that was not written on the article, that's why i said an incomplete article...
  • And for UK ?
  • And for the UK, NOTHING, you redcoat imperialist scum.* * I'm from the UK, this is how I imagine that question is answered every time it's asked in Redmond, which must be 1000 times a day for every product they release, as their English-speaking brethren are once again left out in the cold.
  • "If so, you'll be interested to low that the Chinese Cortana has 24 different animations, which are triggered based on user queries."
    It should be "If so, you'll be interested to know that the Chinese Cortana has 24 different animations, which are triggered based on user queries."
  • It should be.
  • What about asking how she is feeling today perhaps?
  • I'm really disappointed with the UK version of Cortana. Such a waste.
  • Why that? Isn't she doing most of the things the US version does?
  • some* Still, I think her voice is so clear and nice and the team is doing a great job. but, the chinese version is even more featured than the UK version,althought UK version supposedly should be done in less efforts.
  • Harish should've posted the GIF animations here. A normal person will look the images and say "all faces are look equal". lol.
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and occupied Northern Ireland version is terrible. US Cortana understood my accent better. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and occupied Northern Ireland version doesn't do anything interesting. Her accent is silly also. I honestly think its a waste of time and money for Microsoft to localise her
  • How to trigger them
  • Wow cool!!
  • Wow, want more!!! But make sure that you do not make fun of a specific race, age or sexuality etc.  
  • Still no Cortana in Japan or when I set my language in Japanese? Damn.
  • Wow excellent..chinese ones are great..even in beta stage cortana is best than its opponents:dancing: now one thing is remaining start cyan rollout fast and perform good in marketing...the marketing is the place where Ms is back now..go on Ms...
  • I can't get the new US animations to work either, and that link to livesino is useless for me as it is in all Japanese characters, and I can't read Japanese......
  • But u can see the animations working...something is better than nothing..
  • Why is the link useless? It shows the animations. Did you expect them to translate the text for you as well? Talk about entitlement...
  • My mistake, I thought the purpose of the link was to tell you how to get them to show up on your phone, now I see it just shows them as GIFs. I still want to know how to get them to come up within Cortana on my phone though.
  • So Xiao Na is the new Kristin Stewart?
  • Xiao Na is sooooo cute ... The animations reminds me of the old Japanese cartoons ... When a character yell something lol
  • It would be cuter if it wasn't a deformed alien head.
  • Noted that the Chinese input has improvement on the sentence prediction, but pls keep improve with your Chinese user engineers and team, I believe u can make it better than Touchpal, Touchpal still the best Chinese keyboard that on my experience.
  • I want the Chinese Cortana icon instead of my boring circle! :(
  • Omg, so cool and cute :'))
  • I want an arc reactor animation.
  • Cortana needs a cute face too like right now!! :P
  • I know it's an in-joke but they all look the same to me.
  • How to change Cortana voice commands in Indian regional language ??