Chinese president discusses cybersecurity with Satya Nadella, other tech executives

Chinese president Xi Jinping met with Satya Nadella along with other tech leaders at the Internet Forum held at Microsoft's Seattle campus yesterday. The conference was attended by CEOs of leading US and Chinese tech companies, including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, IBM's Ginni Rometty, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma from Alibaba, Intel's Brian Krzanich and several others.

Jinping said that China has the largest Internet user base in the world, and that the US possessed the "most-advanced Internet technologies." The Chinese president then called on cooperation between the two countries on issues relating to cybersecurity:

The two sides should, on the basis of mutual respect, carry out constructive dialogue on cyber issues and forge a new highlight of China-U.S. cooperation so that cyberspace will provide more benefits to the people of both countries, as well as people of the whole world.China advocates the building of a peaceful, secure, open, and cooperative cyberspace and believes that countries should formulate Internet-related public policies in line with their respective national realities.

Jinping called Microsoft "the pacesetter" in the technology sector, stating that the company's Windows operating system "shaped man's cognition of computing technologies."

Source: GeekWire

  • Really? They just tracked a boat load of hacks on our government to the Chinese Military.... Let's discuss security with the biggest offender of them all.
  • Well, it's no secret countries spies one another. When American gov do it to China u dont hear chinese gov complaint much, but when China do it to America, the gov starts to be cry baby
  • No one does it more than China.
  • US spied on Brazil; Germany even their "friend" UK.
  • You must be wet behind the ears if you think that, missionsparta!
  • Actually a lot of people complained. And the real issue was not that they just got information but completely ripped off the plans for one of the us air force's new planes AND stole valuable data from US tech companies.
  • This is Chinese state-sponsored industrial espionage which impacts public companies (and ultimately consumers). Different ballgame, in my opinion.
  • U.S. and the countries do it for security. China does it to steal info for commercial use, like when China hacked Google to get their search engine code.
  • America gov, hack Huawei and its CEO, and also hack chinese bank. Remember?
    And the gov will always come out with an excuse to justify, and mainstream will broadcast the narrative.
    Point is, there's no need to buy the argument of "I'm a good guy he's bad, if i do it, it's for a noble cause".
  • Very true! No discussion on security with China.... I don't even want to say what I think here. Too political
  • China just sucks balls on everything. Which is why no one likes them.
  • "China just sucks balls on everything. Which is why no one likes them", he typed on his Made in China keyboard.......
  • They have never proved it was military. Just claims
  • Lol.
  • Satya seorang je yang kelihatan botak dekat situ.. But he got brilliant brain..
  • Translation: We have a billion consumers that we keep very tight reins on. If you'd like us to make it easier for you to do business in our country, here's what you need to do for us...
  • Haha!
  • Spot on there bro!
  • "open and cooperative" cyberspace? Lol. Their version more like monitored, censored, and filtered.
  • Yeah China...Uh no.
  • Wonder Chinese officials never meet google.
  • ?
  • Someone is obviously trying to use google translate...
  • Greetings from China.  Who or what is a "google"?  Did they used to be someone?
  • So google services banned in china. Now Bing won't be able to get good market share there. It means that ads revenue for Microsoft would hurt there. Therefore its only windows10,Microsoft Office products,Skype and Xbox where they can succeed.
  • They make next to nothing from Bing anyway. So no loss there.
  • IIRC Baidu's English-language searches are done via Bing.
  • The main reason Google bombed so badly in China had nothing to do with the big, bad Chinese government.  Their search engine didn't work very well with Chinese language.  Googe search starts by parsing your search request.  It does this by identifying words (groups of letters) by the spaces between them.  Chinese sentences don't have spaces and the "letters" that make up words can be parsed many different ways.  Google made no attempt to improve their parser to work better with Chinese language.  The local guys, Baidu, started by being Chinese language-centric.  So Chinese people used Baidu.  Baidu works very well in Chinese language but dosn't work well in English which is why they use Bing for English searches. Google made the dumbest business decisions in the history of dumb business decisions in their dealings with China.  There is no way in Hell Google will EVER be back in China.  Meanwhile this announcement will be welcomed by Chinese people (customers) and Microsoft will continue to do well in China.
  • I wonder if Nadella and fellow tech CEOs carry around a bunch of bodyguards for traveling, they surely seem as important as presidents today
  • I'm sure they do, but who would target them?
  • There are a lot of mad people in the world. Hence, there are many who would target them.
  • You have not taken into account professional kidnappers that would demand for ransome.
  • Vista was bad, but come on man... Lol Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Take down the Great Firewall of China and you'll convince the other nations.
  • Give him a few of those trial phones :p
  • What a nice thing to say about Microsoft at the end lol
  • Just a minor correction: Xi is his family name :) In Chinese, the family name goes before the given name. So his name would be Jinping Xi in English spelling, and instead of "Jinping said", it would be "Xi said" in the article.
  • That's great. So what does 操你妈 mean?
  • Tim cook attended
  • Who?
  • Hopefully he shared just how they did the work & we can protect ourselves... Oh nvm, how silly of me!
  • "yes, you see Mr. Nadella, we want backdoors to your OS here, here, and here, so we can get through and spy on our citizens"
  • "No problem, Mr. Jinping. We already have these here and these and these that we created for the US government to spy on their citizens and yours. Do those suffice or would you like new ones?"
  • Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  • Noticed how the article doesn't mentioned these execs we're forced to attended as normally this event is attended by mid level management. If they did not attended there was a threat to their business in China. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's next? North Korea?
  • Hindi chini bhai bhai
  • The US is the biggest perpetrator of cyberterrorism and espionage in the world and the epitome of the police surveillance state. Don't forget examples like the constant clandestine spying on all Americans and others and the stuxnet virus... among other terror attacks....of course that was in the name of 'security' so that makes it ok...I guess. Anything to maintain US supremacy and hegemony in the world. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Frenemies are the worst....lukewarm, soft rice bullshit.