GDC 2014: Chronology adds time-warping to classic platforming gameplay

While at GDC 2014, we spotted a promising platforming game coming soon to Windows Phone called Chronology. In it, players guide a genius (if slightly amnesiatic) tinkerer who has somehow unlocked the secrets of space and time with his gadgets. 

Head past the break to watch the gameplay video.

Players run, jump, and work their way through some fairly standard platform puzzles while making use of a stopwatch that jumps the player between a dystopian future and an idyllic past. These transitions will regularly change the location of key platforms to progress. Eventually you partner up with a snail that can somehow freeze time and teleport, which as you might imagine comes in pretty useful.

Chronology is expected to release in May on Windows through Steam Greenlight and Windows Phone and other mobile platforms shortly after they figure out their distribution strategies. Be sure to get a closer look at this whimsical little title at the Chronology home page. 

Simon Sage