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Chuck Norris Fact: Windows Phone Live Tiles flip for him

Chuck Norris Facts is one of about thirty six some odd Windows Phone apps related to the famed action hero (opens in new tab). Chuck Norris Facts stands out because it includes some humorous wallpapers and  has landed on the Windows Phone Store's New and Rising list.

The Chuck Norris Facts app contains over three thousand facts about Mr. Norris and dozens of wallpapers. Wallpapers that can be pulled up at random or you can choose your favorite to remain in the background. Wallpapers can also be saved to your Windows Phone for use as lockscreen wallpapers. Just go to the settings, find your favorite background image, tap/hold on it and choose Save Image.

Mr. Norris's facts can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter and directional arrows are present to scan through the facts. If you see a particular fact about Mr. Norris that stands out, you can add it as a favorite for quick retrieval.

Chuck Norris Facts is a decent app for those wishing to learn more about Mr. Norris (who are we to doubt these facts).  It would be nice to swipe from fact to fact without the need for directional arrows though. Chuck Norris Facts is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here at (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Chuck Norris Facts

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  • When you install this app on a Lumia 920, PureView can see into YOUR SOUL.
  • Chuck Norris fact lol really, pinterest, instagram,flipboard,temple run, that's all I have to say dam.
  • Welcome to 2004!
  • Chuck Norris fact: Bruce Lee kicked his ass.
  • I'm sure Jackie Chan can too! Really a Chuck Norris App??? I love WP, but this is the last app I wanted to see or even would be concerned about : [
  • It has live tiles......
  • Chuck Norris fact pt 2: The impact of Bruce Lee's kick against Norris' ass caused an air pocket to travel through an artery and cause an embolism.
    Ergo, Chuck won. :)
  • And why is Bruce Lee dead then???
  • Not because chuck norris kicked his ass, if that's what you're saying.
  • Chuck Norris' daughter lost her virginity, he got it back!
  • might want to screen those images guys...
    (esp. ones that rhyme with Chuck)
  • You do realize he voted for Romeny.
    Just teasing.
  • Here is a fact: a thousand years of darkness...that just didn't descend on us. 
  • Chuck Norris is so tough.....(insert joke here)
  • Only Chuck Norris can speak braille!
    I like this :-)
    Chuck Norris' daughter lost her virginity, he got it back! Chuck Norris Quiz for Android Handy