Cinder gears up to ignite Killer instinct in this latest character trailer

Cinder is ready to set Killer Instinct aflame later this week and to celebrate, Iron Galaxy have finally released his character trailer! Cinder arrives hot on heels of last month's Hisako, fresh from the 1994 original.

Check out the trailer here!

Cinder flaunts his personality and sarcastic wit in the video, mocking TJ Combo's name and arrogantly inviting other KI characters to bring it. The trailer also offers a glimpse of Aria, a mysterious Ultratech agent who appears to be cybernetic in some capacity.

Some fans have taken issue with Cinder's new look, which is less fire and more lava, but Iron Galaxy Studios have reassured fans of the classic design will be satisfied with separate costume and customization options, an early concept of which you can see here.

According to the KI wiki, Cinder, or Ben Ferris, left the army to become a private security contractor. Eventually he was offered a job to infiltrate Ultratech and steal data on 'Project Cinder'.

Considering that Cinder refers to himself as being on Ultratech's 'side' in the trailer, it certainly seems as though his transformation into a human volcano was intentional.

Character Traits

Cinder features unique traits, as is standard for KI characters. Cinder's Combo Trait, dubbed Burnout Enders gives some of Cinder's combo enders the ability to set the opponent's upper or lower body aflame, causing damage over time. Using upper or lower attacks corresponding to the location of the fire fans the flames, increasing the duration of the debuff. Additionally, Cinder's unique Fired Up! trait augments Cinder's next special attack with additional properties. Cinder gains the "Fired Up" state automatically every 8 seconds, and his character model becomes more inflamed as a result. Cinder's Instinct Pyromania affords him a permanent "Fired Up" state for its duration.

Cinder will arrive on Thursday 30th April for Ultra Edition owners, and May 6th for Combo Breaker Edition owners.

Are you a fan of Cinder's new look? or will you be eagerly awaiting the classic costume? Hit the comments!

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