Microsoft HoloLens used as the basis for a cool holographic stock trading workstation

As part of Build 2016, developer 8ninths has worked with the bank Citi and Microsoft to create a Holographic Workstation app for trading stocks. The app allows a user to wear a Microsoft HoloLens headset to interact with virtual items in a workspace with both 3D and 2D elements.

8ninths says it worked with Citi to identify a number of problems trades in ordinary workstations encounter when they are trying to process all of the financial information in a 2D space such as a regular computer monitor:

8ninths – one of the first seven companies selected to go through the Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Program – designed and engineered the physical workstation to address business problems and challenges traders currently face working with large amounts of information with limited screen real estate. 8ninths engineered a new 3D holographic system that organizes data by tiers. Ambient, high-level market conditions are represented in holographic spheres hovering at the top of the workstation like a cloudscape or weather system. Traders use hand gestures and voice to drill further into market segments and filter financial instruments to trade in the middle tier. The lowest tier comprises the 'Holographic Stage' where the trader can view historical and real-time performance before executing a trade as well as remotely collaborating with others at room-scale.

The video shows off what this Holographic Workstation, combined with the user wearing HoloLens, can do, including collaborating with others who are also wearing the headset.

John Callaham