Tons of Cities: Skylines DLC expansions expected to eventually come to Xbox One

Cities: Skylines is a blockbuster city builder, available originally on PC but now Xbox One, as well. The Xbox One version is triumphant proof that complex management games can succeed on consoles, with intuitive interface design and great system resource usage that doesn't lock up the Xbox, even when your cities get insanely complicated.

While I was there to check out Cities: Skylines' upcoming DLC Green Cities, I also managed to sneak in a cheeky question about DLC for the Xbox One version. And, hey, there is good news!

Cities: Skylines Xbox One DLC

Cities: Skylines already had one piece of DLC on Xbox One, bundled with the main game, known as the "After Dark" DLC, which added new options and policies for your cities during night time hours. Beyond that, Cities: Skylines also has a "Natural Disasters" DLC that adds a bit of danger to the simulation, "Concerts" DLC lets you add shows and other attractions, "Snowfall" adds new hazardous weather conditions, and "Mass Transit" vastly improves the way traffic works in the game. Finally, the all-new "Green Cities" expansion is coming later this year. As of writing, all of this DLC is exclusive to the game's PC version on Steam, and it hasn't yet made a peep on Xbox One.

Speaking to the game's Creative Director, Sandra Neudinger, I confirmed that the full cadre of developer-issued DLC is expected to hit the Xbox One in the future, though there's no firm plan in terms of dates.

It's understandable that some of these new features would take a little more time to bring across, due to the way the Xbox version handles them differently than the PC version. But at least they're on the way.

If you haven't played Cities: Skylines on Xbox One, it is the quintessential management sim on the console right now, boasting huge potential for strategic play and city-planning creativity. See my guide on how to get started below if you fancy giving it a try.

Cities: Skylines Xbox One Beginner's Guide

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