Cities: Skylines Green Cities DLC launches on PC alongside a big free update

Green Cities is the latest DLC to hit Steam for Cities: Skylines. The latest piece of additional content allows those who purchase it to utilize eco-focused assets, including a recycling station and geothermal power plant. In fact, the development team has added around 350 new assets to be used throughout a city. There are also new policies, scenarios, achievements, and a few new maps too.

The new policies are joined by a bunch of new specializations that really take a green city to the next level. Commercial properties can take advantage of organic and local produce, residents can reside in self-sufficient homes, and offices can make full use of an IT cluster. Throw in the following new buildings and you have a number of tools at hand to make your citizens live more pleasant lives:

  • Geothermal Power Plant.
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant.
  • Solar Updraft Tower.
  • Eco Water Outlet.
  • Eco Water Treatment Plant.
  • Recycling Center.
  • Floating Garbage Collector.
  • Community Pool.
  • Sports Hall and Gymnasium.
  • Yoga Garden.
  • Community School.
  • Institute of Creative Arts.
  • Modern Technology Institute.
  • Biofuel Bus Depot.

The DLC will set you back $12.99 and there's still no word as to when we'll see this release hit the Xbox Store. Fear not if you don't wish to buy Green Cities as Paradox rolled out a new patch for everyone. The full release notes for the 1.9 patch can be viewed on the Paradox forum.

As an added bonus, for those who have yet to purchase Cities: Skylines, the base game is currently on sale with 75 percent off.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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