Cities: Skylines mods now available on Xbox One

Updated February 20, 2018: A number of free mods are now available for Cities: Skylines on Xbox One. Console players can now get their hands on a curated collection of new buildings and items, and there's more to come.

Paradox Interactive is bringing a little more customization love to its city builder, Cities: Skylines, on Xbox One this week. The developer has announced (opens in new tab) that Xbox One players will finally be able to get their hands on user-created mods starting on February 20.

User-created mods have been available for the PC version of Cities: Skylines for some time, so their move to the Xbox One version should be welcome. "If you've ever wanted to give your community a fancy clock tower, or put in some swimming pools, or even turn the planes at your local airport into futuristic spacecraft, your fellow Cities fans have been hard at work to let you do just that," Paradox says.

Modders won't be able to push their creations to Xbox One at any point. Rather, it looks as if Paradox will be curating a testing specific mods before rolling them out to Xbox One users. The first batch of curated mods is set to drop on February 20 as part of a free update.

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Following the launch of user-created mods, Paradox says it also has a new content pack coming soon for Season pass owners. Called the Content Creator Pack, the DLC will let you add some Art Deco and technological flair "created by some of Cities: Skylines' most talented community artists and modelers" to your city. Additionally, a free content update landing on March 6 will add the ability for your city to host a sports team.

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  • Great news. I do love how MS allows Player mods on Xbox games. This is a great game. About to get better. Fantastic news.
  • Aw yeah :D I love this game, and it would be even better with mods. But Paradox could hurry up and release the other expansion packs that are already on PC. Every comment section under their posts on Xbox Live is a toxic wasteland full of people whining about this, and I'm getting fed to with them...
  • I bought the W10 version of the game for my Surface Pro 2017 and felt liked i was disappointed to the experience not being great. People on the Xbox seem to have a good gaming experience per the videos i watch and comments ive read. However long story short, the Steam version and all DLC were 50% off last weekend, so i bought the game and all major DLC on Steam and have been extremely happy. I was able to get everything pretty much for the price of the game on the Windows store.
  • Conspicuous by its absence from this announcement is the Cities: Skylines Windows 10 Edition.  So now user mods will be available in the game as published on Steam, and in the Xbox One Edition, but what about the version of the game in the Microsoft Store for desktop PCs (which is a separate listing in the Store from th Xbox version)?
  • It's the farm tiles still invisible at Xbox? I didn't like that my farms Weat tiles were just normal Grass and not those yellow fields :/