Clove UK announces pre-order pricing for Lumia 920, 820 accessories

UK retailer Clove has announced pricing for a number of Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 accessories. As covered at previous Nokia / Microsoft events, a number of charging options are available as well as the JBL Playup portable wireless speaker. Whether one wishes to charge his (or her) Lumia Windows Phone using a plate, stand or a Fatboy pillow, it's all available for pre-order.

  • Nokia Lumia 820 wireless charging shell – £16.66 (£19.99 inc. VAT)
  • Nokia Lumia 820/920 wireless charging plate – £48.83 (£54.99 inc. VAT) 
  • Nokia Lumia 820/920 wireless charging stand (opens in new tab) – £58.32 (£69.99 inc. VAT)
  • Nokia Lumia 820/920 wireless charging pillow by Fatboy – £66.66 (£79.99 inc. VAT)
  • Nokia JBL Playup portable wireless speaker – £120.83 (£144.99 inc. VAT)

The JBL Playup portable wireless speaker also sports NFC and wireless charging capabilities, which makes it a worthy investment for those who seek an accessory for the bed-side table or office desk. Boasting the ability to charge and play music wirelessly is quite an experience. However, these accessories are fairly expensive that will increase the overall cost of owning a Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset.

Clove offer the above products in a number of colours and will be updating product listings to reflect accurate release dates.

Source: Clove (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • The question of course is whether these are informed prices from Nokia or just a high estimate which will be lowered when the actual RRP is announced
  • I believe these are indeed informed prices.
  • Lol I believe I hope your wrong I want that jbl so it needs to be cheaper :D
  • Wait wait, the playup can charge wirelessly? I know the powerup is the one that charges your phone. I'm pretty sure this was a typo :P
  • Yes, you put it on top and it charges.
  • No, WPCentral has it all mixed up. The PlayUp speakers are the tiny portable speakers that don't charge. WPCentral is thinking of and picturing the PowerUp speaker which charges wirelessly. That accessory is not listed here.
    The PlayUp speakers are likely to be around $150 USD and the PowerUp speaker should be about $300 USD.
  • That explains a lot. I was already thinking that 144 for a nice speaker that charges wirelessly isn't that much and couldn't understand why they said it was pricey. This article almost had me checking my budget. 
  • It has to be a mistake, because the image shows the PowerUp speaker, but the article talks about the PlayUp. I haven't read about the PlayUp portable speaker having wireless charging anywhere.
  • Yeah I reckon that's a mistake. The PlayUp can't charge, there's no room on it's rather curved top.
  • Lets hope for the latter Jay as £49 for a cable replacment is pretty steep.
  • Just keep on using the cable then. :)
  • A wireless DOCK is a wired DOCK replacement, not a USB cable replacement. People who keep comparing the wireless docks to USB cables have their heads up their rears.
    If you don't want to pay for Nokia's dock there are much cheaper 3rd party alternatives that use the Qi wireless charging standard.
  • What about the UBL speaker, with wireless charging?
  • The wireless Monster headsets and JBL PowerUp speaker are likely in the £300 or $300 range.
  • Wow, wireless charging is DOA if those charging stations are $50+.
    People have speculated that the thickness of the latest Nokia devices was attributable to the wireless charging, and if that's the case then it was a terrible trade-off.
  • Look online for the RRP of other wireless charging accessories, the price is comparable. Whether that makes it DOA remains to be seen.
  • Yeah they all seem to be fairly expensive but I don't get why. Is it not just some wire coils?
  • Nobody is forcing you to use the official charging accessories which are logically overpriced. Nokia is using the Qi standard so there are plenty of cheap alternatives.
    This is not like the Palm Pre which used a proprietary wireless charging system and only allowed the Palm touchstone charger.
  • Point of reference; the Palm Touchstone wireless charger retailed for about £60 if memory serves
  • I was just about to bring this up. And if I remember correctly, people loved it.
  • Yea but that was back in 2009. You would think there would be a drop in price, especially 3 years later.
  • 50$ om the price for the phone still makes it cheaper than the iPhone. I will buy two of these :-)
  • The 820 needs a snap on to charge wirelessly? Ugh, I must have missed that one. Makes me *even happier* that Verizon won't be carrying the 920 :/
  • Yes it does you must have just overlooked it when reading previous articles.
  • Ok let's put this on the table and put it right. There are two new nfc/bluetooth speakers from JBL to accompany the Nokia Lumia WP8 devices. The PlayUp is the next gen Play 360, completely wireless with 10 hour battery life, and charges through a micro USB. It is NFC/Bluetooth enabled to pair quickly with any phone. The PowerUp is a wired NFC/Bluetooth enabled boombox, that has the capability of charging a Qi compatible phone by placing it on top. The question I posed earlier was is the PlayUp capable of charging itself wirelessly, not a phone.
  • Wow.... I really hope they include at least the Charge Plate when you purchase the 920....
    If not, its just another gimmick to make money, which would be a shame!
  • That's been my question/concern too. Will the 920 come with the charging plate or is it just Qi compatible and the micro USB will be the method of charging included in the box.
    I really hope it comes with the charging plate...
  • You people are insane, what wireless carrier would agree to give the charging accessory away to everyone for free? Nobody is forcing you to buy the expensive color matching Nokia accessories, you can use any cheap Qi charger with the Lumia phones.
  • if it isn't free it's a gimmick?
    You realize these things cost money to make right?
  • +1
  • If you are promoting this as one of its primary features that trumps other phones; BUT you have to pay extra for make use then yes, its a gimmick.... And considering the price different the 920 will be to its WP8 competition (see what Nokia have announced and HTC price on Amazon), then it should be released with it...
  • Including the wireless charging inside of the phone standard is not a gimmick. No other phone manufacturers are doing that yet. They are rolling out wireless charging to coffee shops and airports too, so even if you are too cheap to buy a Qi wireless dock you can still make use of the feature built into the phone. There was never any suggestion or reasonable expectation that you would get a charging dock for free. I have never seen a phone manufacturer bundle a wired charging dock for free with a phone.
    The wireless docks are not an alternative to the plug, they are alternatives to plug-in docks. It is an optional accessory DOCK, not a cheap USB wire. Expecting to get a dock for free with a phone is ridiculous.
  • How many phones comes with BT headset in the box?
  • I would be amazed if they included one in the box.  If they did, it would mean they're savvy enough to recognize that not everyone who buys one of these phones is going to be sold enough on wireless charging to shell out additional currency on an accessory to do it.  Including one mandatory in the box could prime the pump for sales of additional plates/pillows for the various locations a person spends time in throughout their day and result in greater overall sales.
    I think it's more likely that they'll do whatever they can to keep the 920 SKU cost down, and justify it by saying word of mouth and advertising will be enough to drive sales of wireless charging accessories, and that they need every accessory sale they can get.  (They really REALLY need money, you know?)  The box will probably just have the phone and a USB cable.  That's the new way of things anyway.  Eventually it will be just the phone and that's it.
  • If memory serves me correct it does not come with the plate. But it's not a gimmick its a choice, including it would raise the price of the phone so you would still be paying. Not including give you the ability to spend or not to spend after all that is the question one must ask. :)
  • If the Lumias were the only products capable of using the docks, I'd call it a gimmick, but because it uses the Qi standard, it'll be compatible with whatever Qi standard products you buy. Admittedly, that's not a lot of stuff right now, but in the near future it's very likely that you'll be getting products that charge wirelessly besides a Lumia, so it's a sensible investment, really. Here's to controllers for XB720 and PS4 having Qi inside!
  • Im confused about the wireless charging shell.  Does that mean you have to buy the shell to put on the phonein order to use wireless charging?  I thought it was built in the phone itself.
  • On the 920 its built in, on the 820 there are purchasable shells you can snap on in order to make it wireless charging compatible. As well as change the color.
  • Just want to point out once again that you cannot directly convert to USD to see how much they will cost here.
  • What do you mean?
  • The UK pays more for electronics than we do. So directly converting will not get you the USD price.
  • Just converting the pound symbol to a dollar sign gets you closer to the real price than doing a currency conversion.
  • These prices don't scare me much. I think wireless charging could be ready to really take off. Its all about timing and it comes at a premium to begin with. If it catches on, prices on wireless chargers will drop...
  • I'm in reasonable price I think
  • Damn, I visioned the charging plates to be maybe 20-25€, but seems we are looking at like 3 times that much.
  • Me too, hence my comments previous
  • You gotta love the Fatboy Charging Pillow description:
    "Your Nokia phone can relax in comfort with the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy... you can effortlessly place your phone onto it for a relaxing overnight charge."
    I was wondering why the heck it was a pillow, but never expected a description that implied my cell phone would relax in comfort overnight on it's charging pillow. Are the people that wrote the description serious?
    Imagine this: "Go ahead, Lumia, get some rest. You had a long day. Good night!" You then cover your Lumia with a tiny bedsheet and kiss its forehead :P
  • You make that sound creepy or something.
  • lol...  it is slightly over the top, isn't it?  Sadly the true intentions of that copywriter will never be known.  There are a number of possible interpretations.
  • Fatboy is a line of awesome beanbags. FYI.
  • They were trying to make it look cool.
  • I think the idea of the Fatboy is that if you are concerned that say... a pet might bump your phone off of it's charging pad (This applies to me) or you want wireless charging in the car, where things like to slide around, you can get something with raised sides that will help keep the thing in place. Soft maybe so that... hmm... well, if it's on the arm of your sofa or somewhere near you where you might lean into it, it doesn't jab you maybe? The softness doesn't seem essential, really, but whatever.
  • Wow people, really? When it was announced that the 920 and 820 would have wireless charging capabilities you guys were excited and praised Nokia for innovation. Then it was announced that the 920 and 820 would be exclusive to AT&T and suddenly everything Nokia does is criticized. Nokia can't do anything right anymore.
  • Will the HP TouchPad wireless cradle work with the Nokia?
  • No, the speaker charges the phone while its playing music! It seems to be a good investment seeing as the charging plate or pillow costs half as much as the speaker anyway
  • while high prices may hurt nokia's sales of accessories, being Qi compatible means you should be able to pick up any powermat or Qi standard equivalent charging plate to use with your lumias.
    i feel like 20-30 is really the sweet spot for the charging plates to be low enough to become an impulse buy in addition to the phone and $100 for the speaker dock could be very reasonable if the sound quality is good.
  • WP fans seem to be the cheapest of all smartphone users, wanting phone for cheap, always moaning that something is too expensive. Time to move out of your mum's basement and get a job so you can pay for stuff YOU want and stop expecting it to be practically free!
  • Overpriced sh*t is overpriced, but truth be told we all know there is a lot of money in the accessories market. High profit margins. Hope they make lots of sales. Just won't be from my wallet.
  • A bit up thy own arse, ain't we....
    With the current economic climate we're in do you blame us?!?
    And I have a house, a wife, and other commitments; so yes, paying £60 for the ability to charge a phone that gives the impression its a major feature that trumps the competition.... Its like buying a car that has push-button start, then when buying it being told you need to pay extra for the "special" key to make use of it
  • Well actually you do pay extra for push button start. It gets put into the price of the car. The point is, when wireless charging was announced I was expecting it to cost extra. It is optional to use. Otherwise the charging cable works fine.
  • Firstly it may look overpriced but stop converting everything into dollar. It doesn't work like that. Secondly, I am pretty damn sure you could get it cheaper on Amazon or eBay.
  • With prices like these you wonder why wireless charging has never taken off.
  • Notice the bluetooth headsets are Qi compatible too
  • Am I the only one to have the image in this article make a weird moire pattern on the phone's screen? If others are seeing it, open the image and zoom in and out. Trippy.
  • * wrong post
  • Ew, Flopi Minaj. Really?