Nokia Accessories

UK retailer Clove has announced pricing for a number of Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 accessories. As covered at previous Nokia / Microsoft events, a number of charging options are available as well as the JBL Playup portable wireless speaker. Whether one wishes to charge his (or her) Lumia Windows Phone using a plate, stand or a Fatboy pillow, it's all available for pre-order.

The JBL Playup portable wireless speaker also sports NFC and wireless charging capabilities, which makes it a worthy investment for those who seek an accessory for the bed-side table or office desk. Boasting the ability to charge and play music wirelessly is quite an experience. However, these accessories are fairly expensive that will increase the overall cost of owning a Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset.

Clove offer the above products in a number of colours and will be updating product listings to reflect accurate release dates.

Source: Clove