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CNN commentator labels iPad controversy 'false and idiotic', claims he was using both tablets

CNN's Jake Tapper mentioned on Twitter that the controversy surrounding the commentator's use of iPads over the network-provided Surface Pro 3 was "false and idiotic". Microsoft partnered with CNN to give its Surface Pro 3 tablets airtime during the broadcaster's election coverage, which backfired as commentators were found to be using iPads hidden behind Microsoft's tablets. Tapper said that he was using his iPad for tweeting while the Surface Pro 3 was showing statistics of the exit polls.

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That's all there is to it then. What do you guys make of the CNN commentator's statements?

Source: Twitter (Jake Tapper)

Thanks Griff for the heads-up!

  • Damage is already done
  • Yeah, if he couldn't figure out how to snap twitter...
  • Maybe the Windows Twitter App is not the best and he didnt want to snap the explorer on that tiny screen
  • uh, Tweetdeck much?   
  • He has the luxury of tweetium too.
  • Yeah because he couldn't zoom in on the part he wants in Explorer, huh?
  • "The" windows twitter app? There are many, for all tastes.
  • Why would you put all of your personal stuff on a device that you're only going to use for a couple of hours, they had the Bing election running on the surface and getting their tweets and emails from the iPad.
  • Yeah! If MS wanted them to just use the Surface they should have paid the network for that. Then again, the networks probably can't ask their employees to do something like use a Surface or show up to work when their favorite team is playing somewhere.
  • Yea i think we are reading to much into this lads.... I mean he didn't have to use a surface at all in any way, it just worked better in IE... He probably wanted a full page of both Twitter and IE so he could Tweet about what he's looking at rather than swapping or zooming and snapping... He might prefer the Ipad twitter app he has or as someone pointed out its his iPad and just a surface from work so why put his details on the surface.... so many reasons this is just so what material... If anything, if this is updated on the sites that originaly ran the story it will work against the anti Microsoft heads as he wasn't even paid to use one...
  • He could've used snap on the surface for that. He's false and idiotic
  • I was thinking that, but the truth of the matter is that MS probably threw Surfaces at these people without any training and he was oblivious to the feature. I think it's a believable excuse.
  • Its perfectly logical, I do it all the time, try creating a new folder in the email App on WPhone. I keep my iPod touch close by for scenarios like this. Even if working on big windows, its understandable to use a hand held device simultaneously, especially if your taking a course or researching. Try it sometimes.
  • That was not his iPhone, that was his big 9.7" iPad using both hands to type. Try again?
  • Lots of people don't know how to snap. When you show them how, they're amazed!
  • ^I´d say this is the answer... very few people have (or take) the time to get to know all windows gestures. Especially if they have been using ipads since 2010.
  • Backpedal backpedal backpedal
  • Well, he could've been both tweeting and viewing statistics on the Surface pro 3, at the same time. It is you sir, who is idiotic.
  • Agreed.
  • Hahahahha.. Correct
  • +1
  • Exactly! That's why it really is awful that they used the iPads...
  • Exactly! Maybe Microsoft should have taught them how to use it first...
  • I couldn't help but feel they were less informed of educated about how they should or could use their surface...
  • Yup. MS probably said "here, use these" without acknowledging that Win8.1 isn't overly intuitive. Don't get me wrong, I love my Surface Pro, but I wager the only reason I knew how to use it when I got it is because I follow tech news...
  • Sho'nuff
  • ...Hands Down...
  • The problem is many people using windows 8 don't even know how to view 2 apps at the same time. sigh..
  • Sure its not as simple as w7 was designed to do this
  • Lol
  • I say give the poor guy a break. He's not used to a device that can do more than one thing at a time.
  • The problem is, so many people using an iPad don't even know it is possible to do two things on one screen.
  • Come on, we're blowing this out of proportion. Don't you think it'd be faster to take out your personal device and tweet than login to the work device one's not familiar with just to tweet. I mean doing it on air may not have been the best time to tweet that's all.
  • If tweeting is part of his job, surely it should be set up for him / he should be taken through how to set it up beforehand?
  • This!! Its not like they just got surfaces...  
  • I'd agree if he had a WP and was used to iOS. Thing is, SP3 runs full blown windows. He could have just installed any number of tweeting apps both regular x86 or modern apps. Could have snapped windows or just opened a browser with tabs. I mean, tons of options and the vast majority of the world knows how to use Windows even if they're Mac people. So nah, he deserves some ribbing. :P
  • Normally he has two iPads -- one to tweet and one to watch exit polls
  • Forgive him as he only can do one thing at a time i guess that is called iPad sindrom.
  • That's probably the case. I find iSheep generally are ignorant of how limited their devices are, preferring to remain ignorant of what their Fruits cannot do, and when Apple finally delivers on a capability that other devices have had for years they suddenly can't live without it and gush over and over about how great their fruit is.
    I for one would like to see a photo of this guy during the last election night showing him using two iPads before I believe this backpedaling though.
  • Re: MadSci2,
    Geez, I think your post is hard to read.
  • Yep, he needs to be more clearer.
  • I read it all and didn't understand any of it. Then I read your comment and was glad to know it wasn't just me.
  • +930
  • Big fingers and tired eyes make for incomprehensible posts! Fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out! Should make some sense now.
  • Woah! Much better now. And i agree!
  • Lol and who are these iSheeps you are referring to for gods sake. Just because one group of people like another device not akin to your own liking doesn't mean that they are iSheeps. According to you all people with iDevices are iSheeps. I must be one to right since I own an iPad Air. Im so dumb, I can't even use my Windows computer or my Nexus 5. Please, you do no good insulting a huge base of people Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iSheeps generally speaking are those who only know about Apple products and thats it! Everytime apple apple apple. And think that Apple invented everyting and every product that apple made is the best because its apple logo on the back. As for you, you are a universal person that aknoleges that there are more companies and products beyond the Apple's smoke courtain. You should be as proud as I am. Nokia Lumia 930 phone, Dell and Acer laptop, HP desktop, TomTom GPS, LG, Samsung TV, Playstation 2 from sony, Motorola G Phone, Blackberry 9300, Wii, braun electric toothbrush, rowenta vacumcleaner, Bosh drill machine, and Opel car...etc. But I dont own an Apple product...I wonder why?  :P
  • He probably doesn't know that he could snap the twitter app and whatever app he's using on the S3. Someone should teach him that haha.
  • If only he was smart enough
  • Boom! Headshot.
  • ...aahahahahaa... :)
  • He is lying,other commentators were also using surface as ipad stand.
  • is always there to prop up Apple, no matter what... I wonder if they own stocks or something.
  • Exactly!
  • Lol! Exactly!... Just shows that he doesn't know how to use it..
  • they shouldnt be forced to use it. give it to the ppl who love doing the promotion of sp3.
  • Gimme..Gimme one..!!
  • Give me...already promoting windows 1320. Everyone asks which phone is this and it begins
  • i myself wanna promote sp3 here in India.
  • Nothing to say on SP3, but I'm pretty much promoting 930 on Flipkart... And getting some positive response, too :P
    (Flipkart -> Lumia 930 -> Reviews)
  • as one of the very few people ownin a surface pro 3 in india , i get random people asking me from time to time if that is the latest ipad , i try to educate them but all attempts are in vain , at max they will call it microsoft ka ipad tab People here are kinda dumb
  • Customer to shopkeepers--Isme WhatsApp aurr Facebook chalta hai..??
    Shopkeeper--Ji haan
    Customer--Toh thik hai..Mein ye sasta wala Android le leta hun...!!
  • I can promote. I have a pretty large crowd.
  • Said that due to the pressure of the controversy..
  • Damage control. He was obviously just using the ipad
  • Y'know, it's not too far fetched that he just doesn't know how to harness the power of Win8.1-this is what he probably does at home with his MacBook. I don't give too much efficiency credit to iOS users. He just hasn't seen the light.
  • His use of the word "idiotic" makes him come off like a 6 year old. Real proffesional.
  • 2 s'. 1 f. Real professional.
  • Hadn't this your heard of multitasking? Y do you need an iPad to tweet?
  • So you're saying you've never sat in front of a PC and used your mobile phone for Facebook / Twitter / Foursquare etc etc? You must always use the desktop version when you have a more convenient one sitting next to you? If I had important stuff on my desktop screen (he's at work, remember) and my tablet was sitting next to me I'd probably use it too.
  • Nope, If your PC is capable enough you wont ever want to use a tiny crappy phone or tablet while sitting there
  • *ever*? Such nonsense. So you're sitting in front of your PC and a Facebook or Twitter notification comes in on your mobile. Instead of pressing the notification and seeing it instantly you'd prefer to interrupt what you're doing on your PC to open a separate app, wait for it to load, then find the corresponding notification... No, it's all about efficiency - it's more efficient to use the device right in front of you and go back to what you're doing in the quickest way possible.
  • Actually, yeah, I do. Facebook/Twitter is way better via the web portal, and if you prefer apps, Win8.1's Facebook app is the best you can get. Can't comment on Twitter. That said, I doubt this guy knew about Snap. MS has been terrible at showing people why Win8.1 is awesome.
  • I'd Microsoft marketing dept had half a brain, their next Add would feature a bunch of political pundits, during election night, with the iPad/iPhone ones struggling to keep up while managing two devices with their fingers and thumbs, and the one using a Surface happily typing, swyping and writing notes with their Surface pen, with multiple Apps open and generally running rings around their fruit device -juggling colleagues.
    Of course, if Microsoft's Marketing Dept had a brain, they wouldn't give a high powered computing device to someone who usually struggles to use an iPad and expect them to use it without training in their most high pressure, very public, professional situation of the year. Microsoft Marketing. The Scarecrow of Tech Advertising.
  • Yes, I'd use both at home...BUT not on TV, and not if I'm essentially getting paid NOT to do that. MS probably paid for product placement.
  • My point is that his excuse is the dumbness thing I've ever heard, he had no reason for using both, especially when Microsoft paid for product placement
  • If he absolutely needed 2 tablets to "multitask" then he shld have gotten a 2nd surface! I hope Microsoft gets their money back (not that it matters now)
  • Guess the multitasking features of the surface are so inferior that it would require a secondary tablet for tweets...
    Bunch of bs
  • Actually, they're so developed, that you can view 2 apps at the same time.
  • Lets give a small concession in that unless you've been shown that its not obvious.
  • Toooo late CNN. Probably they realized the humongous negative reviews from the public. This ain't politics you know, this is technology try living with it
  • Lame ipads for me are just toys to talk read email. See pictures not for working like full os like windows
  • I'll take it if he's not going to use it
  • +1520
  • So he doesn't know the capabilities of his surface clearly.
  • No one would either without proper briefing. It takes time to get used to something. Muscle memory and the shit. The Surface is awesome but it's not the commentators fault for not knowing how to use it. He was being fair but using IDIOTIC is uncool.
  • I love how he called a rumor a meme lol
  • The guy is an idiot. 1. For creating the mess. 2. Use of word meme. 3. "it's false and idiotic. Other than that it's great"
    What on earth is he talking about?
  • It's an idiot by not knowing what a meme is... A rage guy and variants are memes A macro image (those ones with text) are not initially, and only becomes a meme once it acquires a definition on its own, without words attatched to explain it. notorious examples: "Scumbag Steve", "Good Guy Greg" and "If You Know What I Mean". A photo of him being unprofessional and ignorant and then blatantly lying about what he did, is not a meme either. But if we use his image and insert text with the common theme about blatant lies even with obvious evidence to the contrary, that would become a meme eventually. The name "Lying CNN Commentator" eg: --------------- (the lie)I didn't said the sky isn't blue... "image of him" (childish insult)that it's false and idiotic ------------- What do you think?
  • For the ending, I suggest we make it a reality. Lets actually make a meme 'Ignorant CNN commentator' But, on other news, WHY NO SP3 IN INDIA?
  • Yea. I was thinking what that means
  • Lol
  • DUMB
  • Snap mode?... SMH. Lol.
  • yyyyyeeeaaaaaa ssssuuuuurrreeee i believe you,
    Could've just snapped the screen (or whatever the "Modern" Multitasking called) & kept both the stats & managed to tweet at the same time.
  • I agree with you guys, but I must also say that twitter for windows is not that friendly as on other platforms hah.. It's easier to jump around on Android.. Im not saying that was the case, but it may be hah :)
  • Have you seen how the Surface (ala Windows 8.1) allows you to run apps side by side? Hard to get any easier than that. No jumping around at all.
  •   I know :), I'm a Microsoft know-it-all kind of guy, I'm just talking about the Twitter app it self, It's not that friendly like on other OSs.. I cant act biased. However I'd probably only use the Surface.            
  • I can't act biased either. If the app isn't great then run the web version in IE.
  • Starting to sound like a compromise, don't you think?
    Maybe it's just because we're not big on product placements where I live, but honestly, the guy should just be able to use the tool that helps him get his job done.
    If anything, it surely puts the Surface Pro in a better light. It was doing all the proper work, whereas the iPad was just a tweeting machine!
  • You should check out tweetium. Its more user friendly than any twitter product I've ever used. It's also a universal app so the interface is the same and if you pay for a premium account, which you don't have to do, it is a one time payment for both apps. It even works with the Microsoft bands through notification center.
  • Forgive him. He's so used to the iPad's singular-tasking
  • Maybe that's his personal iPad didn't want his twitter account on his work device. Not to mention the twitter app for iPad is great.
  • Yes that is a good reason...
  • This is definitely a good and realistic possibility. I think people and the media made this a big thing unnecessarily.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. I also think Microsoft could spin this. Say something like "one is for play" and "one is for work (or play)".
  • Exactly what I was thinking. I also think Microsoft could spin this. Say something like "one is for play" and "one is for work (or play)".
  • I don't see the big deal. Now if he pulled out a Macbook.
  • Mac has no apps and games!
  • Mac has more games than Mac. The first Mac was the perfume store.
  • It would be better if the onscreen TV personalities were seen actually using the Surface instead of it just sitting in front of them. NFL hosts should be seen on camera using it to diagram the plays, CNN could have had the hosts use it on camera to show the exit polls and drill down into the data, etc.
  • C'mon MS... Gimme ur gadgets n i ll do promotion for you.... :p
  • Hopefully Microsoft can get the advertising money back since CNN did not hold up their end of the bargain.
  • Its like you guys want him to not defend his use of the surface pro 3 wth. I mean I'm on my WP typing this message with Netflix playing on my sp2. IPad is pretty much a bigger iPhone.
  • Yeah, but without the phone.
  • Did MS make the same deal with MSNBC? One would hope so since that network bears the namesake.
  • Microsoft no longer has any ownership of MSNBC.
  • I know...but it still bears their namesake.
  • But they have no influence at all, so.
  • Money has influence in most business relationships. I assume this is how CNN was brought in.
  • If only the surface had a feature to where you could run two programs side by side...
  • I smiled inside.
  • Actually, I can buy it. I've used my laptop for watching live events and followed twitter/tweeted on my phone.
  • Bullshit...if it's not a quarter eaten apple these ppl just wouldn't bother...
  • I call bullshit
  • The whole controversy is not fair. The people are preferring the iPad over the Surcace not because they think the iPad is better. They actually prefer the device that is their own, that they are used to and they have set up for their own needs, over an unfamiliar device they are not used to and that was only placed there for advertising reasons.  
  • No one said its fair. We just wanna complain, because we can !!! Seriously though, they should show on TV that they have learnt to use it or at least don't get caught on camera with the iPad. Amateurs!!!
  • This. that was anti-ethic
  • He can just go into web browser sign in and log out easily! How is that not familiar to anybody?
  • Actually, using tabs, he could easily tweet from the same browser he likely had results from MSNBC on in the first place.
  • Re: Jason94,
  • Don't try to talk reason with fanboys.
  • It was clear these were prominently displayed on the desk. They were supposed to be using the Surface. To hell with what they WANTED to use. I can't get away with that in my job. They were all using teleprompters, various monitors, etc. Even if just a prop, they failed. It was simple for the network to have these linked to whatever info they were to have been using. I blame IT! LOL
  • Sadly all users are like him... You explain show give instructions and the result is always the same. He will discover later the 4 split screen option on the Surface and he will say "Damn I'm good!". Lol
  • There is the oft told story of activists going into Africa to demonstrate how to use condoms. They demonstrated by carefully putting them on sticks. When data showed the population growth was no different, they went back to investigate. What they found was a stick with a condom carefully displayed near every bed. In the case of our CNN analysts, I am reminded of the saying: "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It only wastes your time and annoys the pig."
  • Pigs are easily annoyed but they have beautiful singing voices... Or so I hear.
  • CNN,, !?!?!? roflmao
  • I smell bullshit !!!!!
  • I use to go to CNN for my news. But after the 24/7 coverage of the missing Malaysian airline, I stop watching them. CNN network is a joke.
  • Stop the speculation of MH370
    Our govt shoot it down, every Malaysian know that!
  • Could have used the split screen thing for tweeting. Oh and I think swipe should be released on surface too
  • Poor Windows 8.x.x. IE takes the whole screen and dang plan b use iPad! Windows 10 is coming, thank goodness.
  • Not sure if you are using sarcasm or not. IE can run split screen.
  • Lol. Lame excuses. SP3 can handle the multitasking like a piece of cake.
  • He never said it couldn't.
  • It's CNN... He's most likely an idiot and a liar...
  • There's something called snap mode, Sir !!!
  • A golfer paid to use the swish brand doesn't pull out a Taylor made wedge to get out of a sand trap.
  • This!!!
  • Re: aancrs,
    Good analogy and right to the point of the issue.
  • It so true, commentator is the fckng stupid! Why would he want to use an ishit when the Surface can handle multiple app to be open at the same time. He should be penalized for breaching a contract.
  • Jesus. What an irrational response.
    I would personally prefer the newscaster to do his job properly than worry about product placement. If he is more comfortable tweeting from an iPad, so be it.
    We are all such corporate machines these days.
  • A new Great move of MSFT marketing dept...this doesn't happen to s$$t chromebooks...
  • Give him TWO SP3
  • idiot
  • Ipad, your first and only tweeting machine!!!
  • This just makes him look worse not better. My surface pro 2 runs like a champ with tweetium (a twitter app worth checking out) running a rolling live feed as a tiny column while I browse through other sites. Then if there's tweets I need to respond to I can easily expand it all while having multiple things running.
    I can't believe he would think this make him look better. Doesn't this prove the most recent commercial for the surface pro 3 in which the guy is like "I can use my macbook and my iPad as a screen and paper to write" instead of just using one SP3.
  • I think some people just have bigger priorities. If I was that newscaster, I would use the tool that I find most comfortable to get the job done.
    Then again, I HATE forced product placement (like Stieg Larsson CONSTANTLY talking about MacBooks in the Dragon Tattoo series).
    A news program should be about the news....not about product placement.
  • I know that comfort is a huge factor and as a heavy windows user I wouldn't like to have to use an iPad during a program or broadcast (I'm studying journalism) because I am used to the features on my SP2 and Lumia 930. That being said if I worked for a company that made a deal I would honour it. If an athlete plays for a team sponsored by Nike they shouldn't wear Under Armor products.
    I do agree that news should be for news but that's a CNN issue. The man made it worse by showing that he was unaware of multitask support on windows. That's Microsoft's fault if they didn't train him and his fault if he just can't learn.
    I'll say this about journalists specifically. They don't just walk in and read a screen. They practice and study. If a person is paid to work for CNN and wasn't familiar with a device that would be used he should address that in pre production.
  • And you are assuming that Microsoft showed them all the ins and outs of the Surface. I will say, from Microsoft's track record, that is a huge leap of faith!  From experience, I am sure that the only tweeter account put on that Surface is probably the official CNN one. No personal stuff. And, like it or not, the way news outlets are set up now, you have to tweet to keep your viewers and followers engaged.  This is much ado over nothing. 
  • Okay he was just ignorant guys. The one at fault here is Microsoft for not teaching them how to use.
  • You only suppose they weren't taught just s others might think they were. For crying out loud it is a computer first and foremost.