Co-op brawler Deadbeat Heroes now available for Xbox One and PC

Deadbeat Heroes, an interesting new co-op hero brawler, is now available on Xbox One and PC. Cloaked in an aesthetic that is unique, to say the least, Deadbeat Heroes sends players on a journey to put an end to villains over the course of around 40 levels. The only catch? You don't have any super powers of your own.

As Deadbeat Heroes starts, all of London's superheroes have been defeated by a villainous organization. That leaves the job of taking down the evildoers to the Deadbeat Heroes, a group of heroes not born with any superpowers. Instead, you're equipped with a powerful gauntlet that can "borrow" the abilities of others. In terms of gameplay, you can expect Deadbeat Heroes to serve up brawler gameplay with the option of having a friend join you in co-op. The goal of each level is simply to move through room after room, beating up any enemies that confront you.

In our Deadbeat Heroes review, we found the game to be relatively fun despite its repetitive music and frustrating insistence on returning players to the main menu between each level. If Deadbeat Heroes piques your interest, you can grab the game now for $14.99 at Microsoft and Steam.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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