Co-op FPS Evolve to get Beta and DLC content first on Xbox One

The highly anticipated sci-fi co-op first person shooter Evolve will offer Xbox One gamers the first chance to test the beta version before it is released later this year, along with the first access to the game's future DLC content. The game comes from developer Turtle Rock Studios, which came up with the original Left 4 Dead game before the IP was acquired by Valve. Likeft Left 4 Dead, Evolve involves four players working together, but instead of a flood of zombies, the hunters in this sci-fi themed game are trying to kill one alien monster, which is also controlled by a player.

The game itself will be published for 2K Games on October 21 and will also be released for Sony's PlayStation 4 console, as well as Windows PCs.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham