Skype comes to Office Online to help you collaborate on documents

Office Online is getting communication enhancements thanks to Skype. Skype for Office Online comes as part of both Word and PowerPoint Online.

Skype for Office Online lives alongside your documents. It allows you to chat with co-authors as you work on a document in real time. You just click the Chat button to begin chatting. You can keep up with the conversation when you're away from the document from Skype on your mobile device or desktop.

While you only need your Microsoft account to use Skype with Office Online, Skype suggests that you link that account with your Skype account for the best experience, if you haven't already done so.

Source: Skype (opens in new tab)

  • Good idea!
  • Nice!
  • Office online is getting much better... I can see myself using those collaborative features soon
  • If only office 365 for business was as good and easy to use.
  • WTF...!!! Chrome support???
  • That can wait sorry
  • Is Microsoft planning to ditch their own platforms by providing their services to rival platforms??
  • No expanding to other platforms is a way to consolidate their products, make money and maybe win over some to the Windows family. Its just Apple and Google that are so insecure that they will not dare have all their products on rival platforms.
  • But this time some platforms are in vulnerable position. Like WP. If Microsoft make their office apps available on Android then why people will buy WP? If there is nothing exclusive to the WP. And also IE is struggling hard in many regions due to slow net speed in the previous versions of IE(6,7,8,). Many people moved to crap chrome browser and have lost their faith in IE permanently.
  • WP isn't in a vulnerable position since MS got tons of money backing it. And there still is one big exclusive thing on the WP, and that's the fact that you don't need the latest high end phone to run it smoothly. IE is still the most used browser on PCs. I'm not concerned with WPs survival.
  • Market share is the last word. And share isn't a good digit. OS runs smoothly... But the problems are with apps. From 8 to 8.1 the startup time is increased for many apps-music, video, Skype etc. Also resuming screens are become common for some apps. And IE is still at top, and I think its the best browser. But share is decreasing.
  • IE isn't the most used browser on PCs, it's Chrome and after that it's Firefox and then IE. Just do a search for browser statistics and you'll know.
  • And you are sure you haven't looked at statistics that show browsers on all platforms? Because Chrome is the most used if you count both PCs and mobile devices, but IE is still biggest if you only count PCs.
  • Your right about that. Chrome is the most used if we count both PC and mobile but Its is still the most used on PC. The search I did did not differentiate that.
  • Did you see my link?
  • Yeah.
  • Then I don't understand your conclusion. IE is the most used on PCs only and Chrome is the most used on both PCs and mobile devices.
  • I'm just saying that you were right in the first place.
  • This is last year but I'm guessing not much have changed. This shows the market share for just PCs.
  • Not really.  Some people (like yourself) consider this platform movement to be like a Trojan Horse.  Problem is they have nothing enticing on Windows. Another way of looking at the situation is that Microsoft is being realistic.  The majority of the market is on other platforms, and it would not make sense for a software centric company to rely on a relatively unpopular platform.
  • What horse? I don't get that sentence... And its not that I don't know what a Trojan horse is ;)
  • They need to do a better job with office online advertising. I know selling Office 365 is job one but come on. Saw many people bitching about HP Stream 11 and their netbookish friends because of the free Office sub running out in a year. Many people believe you can't get at SkyDrive or view/edit your docs after which is BS since Office Online is there.
    Also keep working in OneNote online. No undo...really...come on!
    Airing of grievances continues!
  • Sorry that should say OneNote mobile.
  • it can help in making docs also like we can use Skype and while multitasking eitu split screen it will show excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint or word docs etc to the Skype users and can edit them live chating with each other on pcs.
  • Awsome ideia...:)... Nos just need to convince all my friends to use Skype...
  • Yeah!