Your eyes may deceive you in Color King for Windows 10

Color King is a mildly addictive game that challenges your powers of observation and reflexes with a simple premise: match color samples with the proper label. Available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Color King is not a very complicated gaming title, but you may be surprised how often your eyes and mind are not on the same page.

While Color King isn't a game to sit down and play for hours on end, it does hold up nicely for shorter gaming spurts or a pass-n-play style game to challenges friends with.

Color King has four gaming modes, each designed to test your skills at observation, evaluation and reflexes. The gaming modes present you with a series of labels and colors where you have to evaluate what you see by identifying correct matches or incorrect pairs. Essentially, it's a game built around the cognitive dissonance that is the "Stroop effect".

Color King

The four gaming modes include:

  • Classic Mode: You are given a colored label and have to determine if the label matches the color. Each puzzle or question is timed.
  • Timed Mode: This mode is similar to the Classic Mode but instead of having each puzzle timed, the game itself is timed. You need to solve as many puzzles as possible before that game timer expires.
  • Search Mode: You are given four colored circles with labels. Only one of the combinations has the right label and display color (e.g. red label, red circle). You only have three seconds to tap the correct combination.
  • Tap Mode: A colored label will appear and you have to tap the matching color for the word displayed from a palette of colors that line the bottom of the screen. The challenge is that the label term may not match the color it is presented in. You only have a few seconds to find the match.

Color King isn't a deep or complex game, but there are enough twists involved in gameplay where you have to force two different parts of your mind to agree on what your eyes are seeing. You may see a "Green" label in orange text and swear it was green in color. You may find a "Pink" label colored blue and tap the blue color patch on the palette and only realize you were wrong when the game ends.

Color King does a good job of mixing things up where you almost become complacent with your choices. This is when the game trips you up nicely by reversing courses. For example, in the Classic gaming mode you will have ten false or incorrect matches in a row and then a correct match slips into the mix.

Color King Timed, Search and Tap

Overall, while I don't think Color King would stand up to marathon gaming sessions, I did find the game to be a fun title to pass the time with. It also has the potential of being a fun game to play with friends or family to see who has the best concentration.

Color King is a free gaming title that does have ad-support. It is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, with the phone version being slightly more entertaining mainly due to the mobility.

Download Color King for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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