Colorblind - a fast paced, reaction-styled game for Windows Phone 8

Colorblind is a fast-paced reaction styled game for Windows Phone 8 that can be deceptively challenging.

The game presents you with a series of colored squares that you have to tap based on directions that appear at the bottom of the game screen. 

It sounds easy but you have to tap as many correct squares within sixty seconds.  The more you tap, the higher your score and one wrong move will end the game.  Colorblind will test your concentration, reaction time and is a fun game to pass short bits of time with.  It also has a battle mode where you can challenge a friend head to head.

Colorblind isn't a complicated game for Windows Phone 8 but it can be a challenging gaming option.

Colorblind Main Menu and Game Screens

The main menu for Colorblind has options to jump into a single game or launch the multi-player battle mode.  Additionally you have options to set your player name, view the high scores, view the help screen, turn on/off audio, and turn on/off vibrations running across the bottom of the main menu.

The online battle mode allows you to battle a friend or a random Colorblind player.  The battle mode is still in the Beta stages and it appears that the player base is somewhat slim at the moment (had trouble finding an opponent).

Colorblind Battle Mode Set-up

Game play is, again, simple.  You are presented with four colored squares that are labeled.  At the bottom of the screen, you will be instructed to tap one of the squares and when you tap the square, another direction will appear.  The challenge is that the labels on the colored squares do not always match the color.

You will get instructions to tap the text green or tap the color green.  Playing under the clock if you rush too quickly it is easy to tap the green colored box when you are supposed to tap the box labeled with green text.

Colorblind Game Screen and Round Summary

If you tap the wrong box, the game will end.  However, you have eyes that can be used to save your game and send you back into the action (a mulligan of sorts).  Eyes can be earn, purchased or rewarded for rating the game.  Should the game end, a round summary will be displayed showing your overall gaming stats, the stats for the current game and the top scores from the online leaderboard.

Colorblind is an option to consider if you are looking for a game to help you pass short spurts of time.  Game play is surprisingly challenging and the game has a slight addictive quality.  It is surprising that you can read the instructions one way and your hand will go the exact opposite.

Colorblind is a free, ad-supported game available for Windows Phone 8.  You can find Colorblind here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Colorblind

George Ponder

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