ColorWare now offering custom Xbox One Elite Controllers

If you've managed to get your hands on an Xbox One Elite Controller and want to take its customization a bit further, ColorWare is now offering customizations for Microsoft's pro-focused accessory.

With ColorWare, you can either send in your own controller to have it decked out in custom colors of your choosing, or purchase a new customized controller directly. You'll have the option of choosing from multiple color combinations, in either gloss or matte, on different portions of the controller to come up with something unique.

Of course, custom coloring doesn't come cheap: ColorWare's prices range from $114 if you send in your own controller to $264 if you purchase a new one. Likewise, the process will take a bit, with current shipping estimates ranging from two to four weeks. Still, if you're intrigued, or just want to see what unique combinations you can come up with, you can get started at ColorWare's website below.

See at ColorWare

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  • No thanks. For me there's no value.
  • a bit like your post
  • A bit like your comment
  • Not really, the value in mine was comedy. As you missed that, you trying to be clever failed :)
  • Thats insane pricing! Then again, I am no pro!
  • Stunning
  • True, no value, but at least you'll be unique
  • Just remember to hide it when you have any women over.
  • Pretty much all my mates are married to gamers, lucky guys lol. Quite a few of the ladies also play FPS games too.
  • I wish... Didn't think something like that exists...
  • Looks really beautiful, I enjoy experimenting with various color combinations! But not cheap.. Good stuff though!
  • If I made a living playing video games this would be an instant purchase. Since I don't, this is a non starter.
  • I want an Elite with the "Locke" theme.
  • Those complaining about the price are obviously not the target audience, if you are going to drop $150 on a controller cost is not a major driver.
  • I'm not a pro gamer but I admire top notch quality of the elite that's why I bought two, it is really true. I live in Sydney close to the MS flagship store I can buy anything that amazes me but this one is something that I can pass.
  • Fine, for you there is no value, but complaining about the price is pointless. Either you are willing to pay it or not. This is a totally luxury purchase. Like a Rolex vrs a Timex, both tell time so why buy the Rolex?
  • Totally NOT comparable to watches that do THE SAME as ones 1/10th the price.
  • Uhh...what? I spent $150 on the controller, but I'm NOT spending another $114 for a different paint job.
  • I was happy to plonk down a LOT more than the suggested retail price for my elite as it has only just started to become available in my country.  However these adons are just insanely priced for no gaming benefit at all. A replacement top cover should be $10 maximum for what it is, just a piece of extrusion moulded plastic. I'd like some shorter paddles for the underside though.
  • This is a strictly luxury purchase, to complain about whether or not it's worth it is pointless. For you it might be outrageous but for someone else, it is fine. Why shouldn't a company charge whatever they feel the market will bear and they can achieve an acceptable profit margin. If it's crazy overpriced and the company can't sell enough to make a profit then either the company will go out of business or lower the price to a point they can exist. Basic market economics, and since this is a totally luxury item it is just silly to try and apply any kind of social justice type arguments, no one NEEDS an Elite controller, let alone a dressed up on. Just like no one NEEDS a Rolex, a Timex will tell the time just fine.
  • Not sure how this got put here.
  • Mmmm my Elite is already sexy but the option is nice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool till I seen the unrealistic price.
  • Anyone having trouble charging their controller. None of my Xbox one controllers, including the elite will stay connected if I try to play and charge. I have to put them down and very carefully arrange the cord to keep them charging.
  • This is the cable's fault usually. Just try another one and it should work fine.
  • I have had that with some after market Orb charging pack and the MS play and charge kit. Trouble is, my kids use the cables and they will often have very little idea of the need to consider the wire/controller. Over time both got loose, and I had to rest them against stuff to help the connection. Got a new controller from Curry's with play and charge, £44.99. As it happens, I opened up the new cable last night. Works a treat.
  • Get some electrical tape and wrap it around the connection and wire. It helps but depends how careless people are with the cables.
  • For $114 I think I would just do my own custom job.
  • I'd go for a matalic'ish red and blue one...kind of like Optimus Prime
  • That blue and red color combinations made me cringe
  • Lol why?
  • Too ugly, they dont match
  • It's red and black. I think the front looks good, but the back is a bit off.
  • hello
  • Seems like a good price to me
  • Xbox One costs $350, controller with paint job $250... Lol