ColorWare now offering custom Xbox One Elite Controllers

If you've managed to get your hands on an Xbox One Elite Controller and want to take its customization a bit further, ColorWare is now offering customizations for Microsoft's pro-focused accessory.

With ColorWare, you can either send in your own controller to have it decked out in custom colors of your choosing, or purchase a new customized controller directly. You'll have the option of choosing from multiple color combinations, in either gloss or matte, on different portions of the controller to come up with something unique.

Of course, custom coloring doesn't come cheap: ColorWare's prices range from $114 if you send in your own controller to $264 if you purchase a new one. Likewise, the process will take a bit, with current shipping estimates ranging from two to four weeks. Still, if you're intrigued, or just want to see what unique combinations you can come up with, you can get started at ColorWare's website below.

See at ColorWare

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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