WP Central Comparison of the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920

HTC have finally put their cards on the table and released details of the HTC 8X, their new flagship Windows Phone 8 device. Gone are the HTC ultra-utilitarian design aesthetics and in its place we see a smooth curvy body design that comes in some cheeky colours.

HTC have been with Windows Phone from the beginning and many have eagerly awaited the pronouncement of their new devices. With a strong design heritage and deep understanding of the platform, HTC have produced some of the finest devices. The 8X is their flagship phone, but how does it compare to the Lumia 920, the hero device from Nokia?

The following is a side-by-side comparison of the two devices to illustrate the key differentiators. 

WP Central Comparison HTC One 8x Vs Nokia Lumia 920


The HTC 8x has some fantastic headline features but as with any design there are trade-offs. The HTC has the higher pixel density but lacks the super sensitive touch technology that allows gloves and fingernails to be used. The Lumia weighs in at 185 grams which is 55 grams heavier than the svelte 130 grams the HTC 8x comes in at. Both devices have excellent optics but the Lumia still takes the lead on the main camera whilst the HTC 8X looks to have a superior front-facing sensor.

Neither the Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X have a Micro SD slot for further expansion but the 920 already packs 32GB leaving the HTC 8X behind with its fixed 16GB. Both devices pack serious batteries, the HTC having 1800 mAh and the 920 having 2000 mAh. Which one lasts the longest will be impossible to tell until we test side by side but it’s likely both will be on par due to the differing electronics on-board.

Nokia and HTC have both implemented sound enhancements on their phones. HTC have finally brought their Beats technology to Windows Phone whilst Nokia have good old Dolby. How well these two compare is hard to say, we certainly hope that both can raise the game for smartphone audio quality. 

Unfortunately, HTC haven’t implemented the Qi wireless charging spec on the 8x but that alone likely improves the overall weight when compared to the Lumia 920.

Both devices will come in a range of colours, both look beautiful, are curvy and pack some serious firepower. The specs are achingly close, this one is probably going to boil down to personal taste rather than on the details alone.

We look forward to hearing how you think these two stack up and which one you’ll go for. Did HTC meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments bellow...