Continuum hits the road with German police concept car

Your car dashboard may not be the first (nor safest) place you imagined taking Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum feature, but a concept car for German police does just that.

As shown by Icomedias (via, a concept car on display at the European Police Congress in Berlin shows how Continuum could be used to run necessary police apps on the infotainment system. The setup includes a Lumia 950 XL docked in a Mercedes-Benz E-class, which essentially turns the car's infotainment display into a full PC experience ready to run the apps that the police use regularly (HybridForms, in this case).

It's definitely an interesting concept, and one that could free up space that would otherwise be taken up by additional devices or displays in the car. The big advantage, of course, would be the ability to use one device for taking photos and filling out forms while inside the car and on foot. While this concept may be some time from becoming reality, German police are already using Windows Phones and Surface tablets as part of a pilot program for documenting traffic accidents.

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  • But Windows Phone is dead...
  • Well, it is :)
  • well guys as you see its dead for consumers not for companies and stuff ;) Like what microsoft focuses on... xd
  • ​WOW... such focus, they even forget to release a phone every now and then... it's been more than 14 months since they outed a phone themself!
  • Which is pretty much what I'd expect from a software company.
  • No, it's still dead to companies.. Don't fool yourself.
  • No, it's got a healthier business share, don't lie.
  • What part of the 0.3% of sales is the "healthy business share"?
  • At almost 6% market share, back in 2014, we could defend our platform.. Now's time to humble ourselves, and keep our mouths shut.... Hopefully the day will come to where we can defend the platform again, but until then It's "REALITY CHECK CENTRAL".💔💔💔💔
  • It was never anywhere near 6%. The most sales they had in a quarter was 10.5 million and that was only 2.7% of the total smartphone market. They may have had some quarters with a bit higher percentage, but that was the highest sales they saw.
  • No, I'm quite sure it broke the 5% mark... Definitely was sitting higher than 3% for longer than a year.. Check your figures
  • That graph shows the peak sales. That quarter, the total market was like 380 million. I think they may have hit 3.5% some quarters, but sales were lower. They definitely never hit 5%. The smartphone market has been 300 million units or more, to have hit 5%, they would have had to sell 15 million devices at least. Never happened.
  • Maybe you're right, ans whatever, either way. It doesn't translate into anything now. The fact is that for a company of MS's magnitude, anything under 10%, in 7 years, is a dead shame.. All I care about is if they do better in the future.
  • "healthier business share?""... Not saying much at .3% total market share, including consumer devices... Basically no business, or consumers, for that matter, are using it.. Next to zero isn't an argument. Let's face it, right now WM is in hibernation. No need to sugar coat it to make ourselves feel better, and definitely no need to defend it to make the situation look better. That's pathetic. It's out of the loop. End of story...... Will it be back? YES! I'm quite sure, and it should be better than ever. But, we're going to have to wait a minute to see that. Hopefully this 950 will last me another two generations😂😂😂😂
  • It's not "dead" by any sane persons definition of the word.
  • I think that's what the blackberry fan boys told them self's
  • True.
  • No, it's not dead.... It's in a coma.
    "A coma is a deep state of unconsciousness. An individual in a coma is alive but unable to move or respond to his or her environment. Coma may occur as a complication of an underlying illness, or as a result of injuries, such as brain injury."
  • It is being replaced by WoA. Rumor is that RS3 will be the last major update for mobile and it will just receive maintenance updates through 2018.
  • You don't pay close enough attention to the articles and editorials on here. This isn't so much about the phone, but continuum. This is something that can be just as easily implemented with the "ultimate mobile device" or ultra portable cellular PC that will soon be a reality.
  • That we probably can't buy, because such a phone would cost a fortune, and not only that, how sure are we that after paying such a hug amount that they won't just toss the concept away, like they did the Lumia ??
  • Continuum was a Windows 10 Mobile feature. With Windows 10 Mobile going away, Continuum will also. With CShell, the interface will just scale with screen size. They will have no need for Continuum.
  • Yup WIndows Phone is already dead. But we've got Windows 10 Mobile...
  • Lol.... Good one.
  • 😂😂😂😂
  • Really?? What new features or even support can you boast of ?? The focus is just on PC, and other platforms( in form of ms apps)
  • google want that! this is the problem of windows phone
  • Wow very cool!
  • This is awesome!
  • been wanting something like this forever... without having to use a continuum dock with some adapters and be stuck with no touch screen, unless there is a touch capable 7" screen that works with Continuum.... then I could be tempted to mod/upgrade my car stereo.
  • This is exactly what I have been looking to do as well. I just haven't found the exact way to do it yet. But researching is still being done on my part.
  • I use a Lilliput HDMI field monitor with a MS dock, works 'OK'. Not perfect but it does work for the few times I've tried it.
  • I've been running this setup in may car for over 7 months now. Apart from not being able to use touch on the screen its a great setup. Looking forward to windowed/snapped apps with the creators update.
  • Creator's Update isn't bringing snapped or windowed apps. You will have to wait for RS3 if they implement it at all.
  • Since this is a Concept, why not a special W10 SKU for automation and stuff, is it not the future? I mean, msft should seriously consider to bring out the best of software in all things tech, especially in the trending automobile market. Msft should partner with Tesla or Volvo.
  • They do with Volvo amongst others, so they would be a viable option.
  • I want this already for a long time in my car
  • Yeah, i just have a "shut up and take my money"-Moment.
  • This is where Windows Mobile will shine. A cop car is used by many different policemen and this allows each one to get in a car and have his own PC and then put it in his pocket after work. Others who could use this, UPS or any delivery driver, bus drivers, taxi drivers, any one who needs to share a car.
  • I would be lining up for a car that would have the capabilities to sync and utilise my Windows Phone in this way. At the moment I use my 950 for my audio player in my 2001 Corolla/ Altis using a Sony cassette adapter. Yes I know it may be archaic but it just works. And perfectly for my needs. I mean no one wants to steal a Cassette player from a car these days do they? Bring it on MS
  • Man I wish they'd bring Windows in the Car back...
  • Sweet. With MS partner with Tata motors (Jaguar, Range Rover), and now BMW and MB, more reasons to buy those luxury cars.
  • Channeling my inner Lewis Black....   “At 240km per hour on the Autobahn, what I need is Continuum…”        
  • So, instead of buying a new W10 phone, we buy a new German police car with continuum capable phone implemented in it.
    Would 2 years contract be a good choice?
  • Buy a L950 and a BMW. Then you won't have to spend two hours taking off the blue flashing lights of your new Benz.
  • It seems extreme to say something is dead until it has 0% of the market or has been End Of Lifed by the manufacturer. While it may be considered the least popular mobile platform (Million + users is small in the world view but i don't think completely dead). The awesome thing here is we are all entitled to our opinion (this is simply my opinion) Cheers, BR
  • This would be really cool, and good for windows 10 mobile.