CooTek TouchPal Soft Keyboard hits Version 3

Now that the HTC Touch has been made available on the big three CDMA carriers (That's Verizon, Alltel, and Sprint, by the way), there are a bunch of folks probably wondering if there's a better way to type on it. Well, we've told you before it was TouchPal by CooTek and it looks like that advice is going to stay the same - development continues on the software and we're now seeing Version 3, which has a few new features we like the sound of:

WC Staff
  • So far I like it. They changed they way you enter words with an apostrophe though. Takes some getting used to. Speed is pretty much the same for me although I am not nearly as fast as that girl who demo'd it on YouTube! Gonna play some more and see if I'm keeping it or going back to v2.
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