CoPilot announces new Premium navigation apps for Windows Phone

When it comes to GPS navigation apps, everyone has their favorite for various reasons. Whether it is prior experience, preferred UI, or unique features, not all nav apps are equal. This morning, CoPilot GPS, a titan in the field of GPS navigation, has announced their new Premium series of apps for Windows Phone, including one for the US and another for Europe.

Currently, CoPilot has their free app on the Store, which receives regular updates. Although free, the app has in-app purchases that unlock premium features with a lifelong license. Now, the Premium versions offer a paid version upfront, but on a lower cost and yearly basis. As a result, you do not need to fork over nearly as much money to use the app.

CoPilot Premium has been available on iOS and Android for some time now, but the company has brought over the popular app in a wider effort to support Windows Phone. Indeed, all their Premium apps are now on the same release cycle with the announcement of the Windows Phone version (the iOS app was updated just two days ago).

The big selling point of CoPilot Premium is unlimited use of voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and one year free ActiveTraffic service. Additionally, users get access to ActiveRoutes, which plans your trip based on current traffic speeds, giving users multiple options to avoid traffic. Other features in CoPilot Premium include:

  • CommuteMe Time Windows: CommuteMe will automatically load your preferred commute route one hour before and one hour after your usual departure time to and from work.
  • Motion Lock Passenger Override: Passengers now have the ability to disable the Motion Lock driver safety feature during a journey if needed.
  • Free Updated Street Maps: Whether you're a local or want to travel like one, you'll have the most up-to-date and accurate offline maps to guide you. Maps updated include North America and Europe.
  • Maps of India: CoPilot GPS now includes the complete street-level map of India. Download before you travel and navigate without the need for a mobile data connection, avoiding unexpected international roaming charges.

Furthermore, CoPilot Premium has some Cortana integration with users being able to say "CoPilot Take me home" to imitate the app, which is particularly useful with the new Update 1 car feature.

For those in the US, CoPilot is overall an attractive option as the company is offering the Premium version for just $7.99, which is 20% off the normal price. This introductory discount is only for two-weeks, after which the price goes back up. Europe is significantly higher at $39.99, although it includes a much wider swath of available maps for off-line downloading.

Users can download the free version of CoPilot and optionally use the in-app purchase for a lifetime license, or download the Premium versions for a yearly option.

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