Hands-on with the public beta of Cortana on Android

Cortana for Android was released as a public beta earlier today. I installed it on the LG G4 to see how it works. Is it better on Android compared to Windows Phone? Go watch our hands-on video to find out.

The closed beta of Cortana for Android was leaked earlier last month. Now, more people have access to the beta. Depending on your Android device, you can bring up Cortana by pressing and holding the physical home button or swiping up the on-screen home button. You can set this action to Cortana instead of Google Now by default.

If you have been using Windows 10, Cortana on Android looks very similar. Cards show up with the latest news, weather, sports scores, reminders, restaurant recommendations, and more. The hamburger button on the top left corner gives you access to Cortana's Notebook where you can edit settings and preferences. Here are some examples of what you can ask Cortana:

  • Is it going to rain today?
  • Remind me to pick up the microphone in 30 minutes
  • Set the alarm for 7 AM
  • Send a text message to Daniel
  • Tell me a Joke

Any reminders you request will also sync with your Windows 10 PC, tablets or Windows 10 mobile devices. In this beta for Android, toggling settings, opening apps or invoking Cortana hands-free by saying "Hey Cortana" are not available. Those features are only available on Windows for now.

So, what do you think having Cortana on Android? Sound off in the comments!

Download Cortana for Android (Public beta) (opens in new tab)

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • The closed beta of Android for Android?
  • With sprinkles!
  • Wen in india? Posted while running with the ninja cat
  • Very Soon :)
  • Android cortana on wm10
  • would be going backwards in a redundant manner
  • Lol
  • Ok this is Troubling , Why does Voice to text translation happen Quicker on Android than it does on Windows10, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. It is also glaringly noticeable using the Bing app on Android. Voice to text search is Super fast. Ping Microsoft and ask what the bleep gives      
  • +1
  • Works as on Android here (930).
  • Didn't take long for the crying to start.
  • Didn't take long for you to complain about the crying.
  • It's because Microsoft gives more attention to other platforms than their own, that's why
  • It's true. I heard they've built their own OS that is really just a clone of Android. But since they were just making apps before for Android they wanted to do even more for them (building a new Windows OS was just easy and boring).
  • I heard that Microsoft was making a life changing app for Android and the programmer sneezed and followed through, he then continued to wipe his soiled nether regions with the keyboard and what we see today on our Lumia screens is the result of the code that was accidentally written during said wiping strokes.... That's how easy Windows Phone was made :P
  • Aaaah... Too much sarcasm... Must resist....
  • Daniel is changing his mind, through this comment.
  • Well then they gotta understand that they are not selling there "clone of android" to other brand phones/tablets devices(majorly) but on there owns whose sells get affected when Microsoft doesn't keep something exclusive for there own product and also when they are working better on other platforms.
  • Microsoft makes money when people use Cortana on Android (Bing). Plus they could beta test features for us. I get the whole "they should be trying to sell their own phones/os" thing, but they want people to use their services (Cortana/Bing/Office/Windows PC). Either way they make money. One Windows. One MS. Regardless of which mobile OS. Services and subscriptions is where they make money.
  • Well said!
  • Please stop your cheap sarcasm
  • Microsoft LOVES Linux! http://blogs.technet.com/b/windowsserver/archive/2015/05/06/microsoft-lo... Can't wait to see Office on Linux!
  • You will not wait long. Infact, if not for this NDA, I would have let known that I am beta testing Office on my SuSe Lunix. Psst! You did not get it from me. Disclaimers: I took some bottles of ORIJIN and so therefore, everything I wrote up there was written under the influence of Alomo bitters and Orijin.
  • I feel you.
  • Hah, I see you are a Naija man :) Cool.
  • Your Android device maybe higher ended hardware than WP. One of the things Microsoft I feel need to address if they want developers to port their code to WP. Having comparable hardware seemingly would make the porting go much smoother as there would not need to modify for a high end hardware to that to run on a much lower one.
  • My Windows phone Cortana won't sync up with my PC. What's up with that....?
  • Need to have win10 mobile
  • Aww man. That's too bad.
  • I actually bought a Lumia 640 and installed wp10 just so I could have reminders sync between my laptop, tablet, and phone.
  • I actually prefer using Cortana on WP 8.1 than 10. The interface blends /works together much better and it was more reliable (but this last issue is most probably due to Win10 still being TP).
  • I don't like the way Cortana looks in Win10 Mobile. Prefer 8.1 hopefully they change this in the final release Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • @Johnny It will work only with the Android Cortana.
  • @maktaba:
    Everything Microsoft works better with Android (or iOS) than with Windows Phone. So much for Microsoft's claim that a Windows PC and a Windows Phone are a "perfect match"...
  • 1) Cortana is in beta for Android.
    2) So is Windows 10 Mobile.
    3) Try it on Windows 10 Mobile when it launches in the weeks ahead and *then* compare the two.
  • Stop that beta trash talk plz.​ everything is in Beta at MS. On my Cortana screen there even stands "Alpha" and Microsoft Kreis promoting it and it's features. So when they promote it we can complain. And for a fact Microsoft has given up making phones and obviously most of their serious work better on other OSs. So the message is Microsoft has given up on its mobile devices. And so have i agree 10 years of fighting and existing. I am just tired. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Microsoft has not given up on phones and we're using alpha products (w10) and comparing them to android?
  • Did you sign in on Windows 10 with the same account you use on your phone?
  • Works well! Thanks to Microsoft for releasing this just as I'm using an Android phone while waiting for the next - and hopefully functional - insider preview of W10m.
  • Why do all of microsofts apps work faster on android than on their own platform?  I have a lg g2 and an icon and all of my windows apps work better. However I am running windows 10 mobile so that could be a reason but when I had 8.1 running android was faster. When windows 10 mobile launches its do or die for Microsoft when it comes to mobile phones.  Windows 10 on desktop is a hit. But that doesn't mean mobile will be. As Microsoft integrates with android it's best that integrate android into its platform with project Astoria 
  • They work faster because Android does full multi-tasking and Windows and ios do not. However there are serious downsides to that full multi-tasking...
  • My Android device (HTC M8) is SUPER laggy! My HTC 8XT run smooth as butter. Miss my Windows phone so much! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When it can read your text messages and do the windows phone hands free text messaging I'll switch to a nexus device, put Microsoft's launcher, cortana, One Note, One Drive, Outlook and Office on it and I'm done. With the Windows 10 (phone) mail client sucking so badly there's little reason to stick around.
  • windows 10 mobile isn't released to the public. it can suck all it wants. its a preview not a released product. wait untill final release for final judgement.
  • Stop talking sense! I can't handle so much rational thought! Aaaaaaaah! :P
  • @swizzlerz.. What do you expect? That Microsoft developers take out a wand and say "Abra Kadabra" and release a great Windows 10 mobile OS in a month or two?
  •   If the issue was just a buggy incomplete windows phone beta that wouldn't be an issue. I'm used to that and have riden that ride since Windows 95 (Chicago). The issue is that Windows 10, an RTM product has so many inconsistencies and bad designs it isn't funny. The mail app is just the most glaringly obvious of those. It's far worse than even the Windows 8.1 mail client and light years behind the Windows Phone 8.1 mail client.  Since the #2 thing on my phone is email, and there is little reason to believe it's going to get much better since they think it's "fantastic" they've royally screwed up one of the primary uses of a phone, while providing little or no reason to upgrade. (Continuum would be the only thing that's in Windows Phone 10 that is really new other than more notification options, but then notifications is an excellent example of poor fit and finish: Once you view a notification in an app they don't go away in the notifications window. And just as bad if you view a notification on a Windows 10 machine, it doesn't clean up the notifications on either the Windows 10 machine OR your phone) At least with Android you can hack in the pieces of Microsoft stuff that is fully thought out and hack in other stuff that fixes all of the stupid things that google does, and you get things from google that are superior to Microsoft stuff which they won't release on Windows Phone any time soon and won't be ported as an android app because they all use the google play store. And hey, if MS gets their stuff in gear, I can always install Windows Phone 10 on my nexus device since they're completely unlocked anyhow.
  • I was thinking the same, but with a OnePlus 2...
  • Just do it already. Neither of you understand what Microsoft is trying to do.
  • I fully understand what they're trying to do. What I also have realized is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen and no one person responsible for the fit and finish of anything at MS unlike at Apple. As a result you get an inconsistent mess with a ton of half-finished stuff designed by developers with so many anoying little things that drive you nuts, and enough big things to make it down right frustrating. At least on Windows 10 you can install Outlook Desktop and get a passable (barely) email client instead of the crap that comes with it. On Windows Phone, you use another email client (which there aren't any good ones) and you lose a ton of core OS features in the process because there is no way to hook in a new mail app to the sync functions that are already built into the OS so you either sync stuff twice and kill your battery or you lose basic stuff. (I know, I looked into writting my own universal app when I saw where MS was going with Outlook Mail on Windows Phone and Desktop. And yes, I'm that level of developer that could write that and firmly in the .NET/Visual Studio camp which makes this all the more frustrating.) The same is true of Azure and Office 365. Both are excellent technologies but their management and fit and finish that connects it all together is AWEFUL. Azure you can live with because it's hidden from the end user and developers can work around the mess. Office 365 is fine as long as you're not the one that has to administer your corporate open licence and still doesn't do PBX properly which is just a huge *headbang* for me. Meanwhile they've rewritten windows phone 3 times in the past 6 years and still have little to show for it because no one is going through with a fine tooth combe and fixing all of the stupid things in it that prevent people from going to it.
  • Totally false. Know what you are talking about before saying no one is responsible for the fit and finish and its all designed by developers. There are huge teams of designers, and teams of UX front end developers that sit between the back end developers and design to make sure everything is to design spec.
  • First I'm a developer. I know what goes into making the sausage so to speak so I absolutely know what I'm talking about. I've also watched MS move from a UI driven development cycle to a test driven development cycle based on specs while simultaniously move from waterfall to a more Agile methodolgy.  With that I've seen the side effects that I've witnessed in other companys that I've worked with in the past.  The stability and security of the platform as vastly increased.  The speed of development has vastly decreased.  Further as usual with test driven development from a spec sheet with UX designers working in a vaccum and internal testing or testing done from a score card from customers as is all of the case with Microsoft you lose the essence of great design. While the features are being checked off one by one and a UX designer is no doubt responsible for designing it there is no coheasion.  This is true because this methodology gets "It works! It doesn't crash! It is secure! It meets the spec!" instead of designing the way Apple designs.  In short you get features but they don't work together. They don't create a joyful experience to the end user. There is no central theme and consistency of purpose.  That's what's missing.  Sonofsky tried to do that but wasn't the right person to do it. That doesn't mean it isn't needed, just that he was the wrong guy for the job. Great software does all of the above: Design to a spec, get user feedback and input, write to standards and write tests that test both the positive (it works!) and the negative (it fails gracefully when used not as intended), but it also has a STORY.  When you use an iPhone, even if you don't like it, you can see the vision. It has a conversation with you and works to sell you on it's method. You might not like the story but it's there and for those that do like it, they love it because of it.  Android was cheap and copied the story of apple so people bought it. It's now getting it's own story. The features are integrated and consistent in a way that tells a story. Is it there completely yet? Nope, but you can see it coming together. This is why Thurrot loves Outlook on iOS and Android. Accompli had a story in their development before MS bought them. There was a clear vision of how email should work and it was executed. I'd argue that that story didn't go near far enough, but there was a story. You can see it in the design. Contrast that to the Outlook app on Windows 10.  Even though it has new features, and it's copying Outlook desktop and even some features from Accompli, there's no story, so it's functional at best and often madening to use. There's no flow, there is no attention to how people will and should use the application to maximize their productivity in their day. There is no story told to people about how and why they should use it. ​Yes it works. Yes it has the features, but no one is every going to tell you that they love to use it. (same with Outlook Desktop, which is just a steaming pile of poo at this point)  And that's the difference between iOS and everyone else.  Even Android is starting to get this message. Stuff is starting to FLOW.  Cortana was getting this message in Windows 8.1 and flowed. The best example of this is reading text messages in your car for you and letting you respond. It's a BRILLIANT interaction that makes me love Windows Phone (Yes I'm aware this was in v7). It's SO GOOD that it is almost enough for me to put up with all of the rest of the mess of half-baked ideas and bad apps.  That's the power of a story.  But even Cortana in Windows 10 is a mess. White background on black, apps can integrate but you have to prefix what you want to say instead of it being conversational, news and information surfaced but in no meaningful way. She has lost her soul taking her from something that had the promise of becoming a joy to use into a (bad because of bing) search tool that can be otherwise ignored on desktop on only fleatingly used on mobile. Really great UX designers (and I've worked with a few) get that they have to create a story that people can buy into and invest in. The application has characters that people become invested in like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker but as functionality. It is when you get that suspension of disbelief and investment in the application that you get customers that love what you create and will buy your products, even if they're not as functionally as good as the other guy, because they love what you've created and they're invested in it. You'll never see that with Microsoft products today. But what you do hear constantly is "it has a lot of promise". That's people telling a story to themselves of what it could be based on the parts that have been added. That isn't Microsoft telling a story to the user. At that point "it has a lot of promise" becomes "I love it." And that's what Microsoft is missing and why they're failing in the consumer space.
  • Not agreeing isn't the same as not understanding. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • doesnt work on my phone. lame.
  • No Go on my Nexus 7 2013 or HTC One
  • I hope to have full multitasking for Windows 10, I hate to go back to an app and see "resuming" or go back to the app reload or lose the content I was using (reloading a web page, Facebook app, editing a photo). My mom lower Android can handle better multitasking than my powerful NL1520, what a shame!
  • Try using any high end Android device for a long period of time, IT WILL LAG EVENTUALLY
  • Factory resetting the phone will make it as good as new!
  • For a few months yes. Who wants to go trough the hassle of setting up your phone every few months? I'm not. And i've used all mayor mobile OS's (With the exception of BB10) and Windows Phone is by far my most favorite OS. If they only could get the app's on par with Android they could seriously change the game. Hoping this universal app platform an project Astoria shit takes of big time! Its time for Microsoft to bring Google to its knees! Lets do no Evil, right? BRING THAT DEVIL DOWN! 
  • It's pretty easy to backup all your apps and settings.  Wipe your phone and everything is back the way it was minus the lag.  Personally I don't buy Samsung phones so I never have lag.  
  • Every Windows device I've owned has slowed down over time, as well. And I've had 4 that I've put decent use to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For like 90% of users (I guess more) having your phone battery last a lot more than an android counterpart with same specs is much more important than a blink-of-an-eye-resume-screen. If you are in the 10% maybe you should consider android. Windows is limiting multitasking for a reason you know, every friend of mine is so disappointed with androids, having to reset the phone once in a while, having RAM problems, occasional hiccups, having to stop using most of the functionalities just to have the battery last till evening etcetc.
  • LOL Yet, the 90%, that you claim prefer longer lasting battery, all continue to choose Android over Windows Phone. What does that say about Windows Phone? People, enjoy your phones. No need to cast aspersions. You love your Lumia, that is great. You do not need to bring down another platform to feel better about yours. I love my Lumia but I have used Android phones that are also amazing to use.   
  • "that you claim prefer longer lasting battery, all continue to choose Android over Windows Phone. What does that say about Windows Phone" so you really believe that multitasking is what gives android its marketshare (hint: it is its time to market)? You should really stop the "what has marketshare is the best" way of reasoning. I'm saying that to the end user (as in like 80% of the 80% android market, because you know only a little percentage of people is tech addict like us) a longer battery life is a feature much more valuable and the common user won't even care about the resume screen. I'm trying to reason while you just think that better marketshare = better OS in every part of it, if that was the case you would not have any reason to "love your lumia".
  • "For like 90% of users (I guess more) having your phone battery last a lot more than an android counterpart with same specs is much more important than a blink-of-an-eye-resume-screen. If you are in the 10% maybe you should consider android."
      No. Not at all.   People care much, much more about load times than having to recharge their battery throughout the day. Why do you think developers always try to make their content load faster?   Or let me use another example; How often do you press the reload button in your browser when a website isn't loaded/responsive within a few seconds?   Waiting times are awful in terms of UX, much, much more than having to charge your device.
  • It's all a matter of measures, slightly slow loading time and long battery is usually preferrable, at least in my experience (me and most of the people I met think this way). Maybe we italians have a different way of thinking and different tastes, many of my friends see my 930 (and saw my 920) and were astonished by both battery life and they thought that the phone was very responsive when opening apps, they usually didn't switch because of some missing app they liked. Many are switching from android (see the 14% market share of windows phone). What I'm saying is that outside the nerd crowd having an app load in 0.5 instead of 1 second is not something that makes you sell, being able to advertise "windows phone lasts almost 24h with heavy usage" is something that makes you sell. 
  • Hahaha... 24h with heavy use, I'm happy if I get 4h on heavy use, I normally get 6h and my friend whit his Sony gets 20h easily...
  • Heavy means chatting, browsing articles through apps, a bit of facebook, a bit of I.E. browsing and some calls. Not youtube. Let's say I'm still using this as a phone I do not know wat you do with yours ;)   If Sony has such a fantastic device I do not know, people I know have mainly nexus, samsungs and Motos
  • That's how I use it, 920, 1020, 930, all the same... :-o
  • I don't know I just know I charged it wireless till 7 a.m. and it is now @ 39% (it is 10:48 p.m.). No battery saver, auto-brightness etcetc...
  • And it will lag to pieces within three months.
  • Lie. I have two Android devices, one an old Nexus 7 2013. Neither lag. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wonder what she says when you ask her what the best phone is...
  • Can you ask her to install w10m ?
  • She says "I can't pretend to be impartial" and there is a Windows Phone logo. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • She shows a Windows Phone logo.
  • Offtopic: Whatsapp for android got an update with middle finger emojis
  • W10M keyboard has middle finger emoticon too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope...i dont think it is there yet...
  • It is there.. Type in fuck you and it will show up.. It does on my US English keyboard.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • bing on
  • Is it country restricted too? or if I go back to android I would finally have cortana?
  • It's Microsoft. So of course it's US only. Fortunately Android isn't WP and you can go around these stupid elitist decisions and just get Cortana's apk and sideload it.
  • Actually it is the other way around. WP is much more loose in country restrictions than android. If there is an app on the play store that's region restricted, u can not change the region unless u have a payment method in that region. And even if u have the apk, chances are it won't work ur specific model, I tried to install Lara croft relic run on an LG G3 ( it wasn't available on the G3 in the beginning) via apk and I tried everything, it didn't work. Ofc WP is much simpler and chaos free, unlike android. All u have to do is to change the region in the settings and voila, no apk crap, no region choice restrictions.
  • Stupid.. right. Watch the Dan´s video where he explained why Cortana isnt available to all countries even if it had to be in English and stop being so ignorant.
  • Dan is a blogger. He just passes along the excuses Microsoft gives him. The fact is, those are very very weak excuses. Top gather data you don't need to have full language localisation. If the user wants to use it in English, Cortana has no reason not to work. I use Google Now in English. It does all it's supposed to do even if I'm not using it in my native language. Because it recognises the language I used - English - And did the search.
    The only valid reason Microsoft could present to keep Cortana so US-centric is that Cortana uses Bing and Bing is a piece of sh*t everywhere except in the US. Maybe you should be the one to stop being ignorant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This, so much this. Bing is a load of crap where I live, it can't even pull up a frigging phone number for a business, if that's what Cortana has to work with then it will never be any good.
  • Its not just about the language, its about CULTURE. Every country has different culture. Okay you got the point, maybe users should have a choice to use American version of Cortana but you got to understand that in order to cortana be "perfect" they have to match the culture, preferences and other things for each country.
  • Elitest decision... Omg. Lol. Have a cup of reality this morning. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Change region and language on WP. Sounds easier, doesn't it?
  • Store won't work as payment methods are bound to a region. So going Android is the only way to get Cortana in many regions.
  • I doesnt work anymore for me, since I recibe denim even if I change my languaje to English when I restart my phone its back to spanish dont know why. I do understand the region restrictions but not all of them, what does quiet hours have to do with my region? Thats all I want!
  • Works great on my S6. I've got Outlook (which is actually better on Android), Groove Music, Xbox One SmartGlass, OneNote, and now Cortana. Not much reason to look back... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hahaha that's right Microsoft just tempting windowsphone user to jump for android!
  • Not tempted at all. Waiting for the SP4 and Lumia 950 :)
  • I just want to commend Mark on the nice choice of Android device, even if LG's software may drive once a bit nuts sometimes :P
  • The G4 is his everyday phone of choice. 
  • Then it's a very good choice. It's probably the best phone currently available across all platforms.
  • Glad to hear that, because I get mine today...
  • Nope. Is charger ports give up really early (often within nine months) and start dropping connection. Really cheap build quality.
  • The phone has Qi. Also, you're the ONLY person I heard complaining of both of those things. So... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's subjective really. Personally I don't like LG's overlay ...along with (Samsung's Touchwiz and HTC's Sense). If you haven't tried stock Android on the Nexus line or Moto lines yet, you might be surprised on the difference in functionality and responsiveness. After getting the Nexus 6 and Moto X, I don't think I'll ever go back to LG, HTC, or Samsung. Also, the LG keyboard crashes like crazy all the time on my G3. But that's something else entirely.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wen in india? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm just gonna meh this.
  • Working good on my Galaxy S5. It's getting harder for me to switch back now.  I have a Galaxy S5 and a Lumia 735 that I switch back and forth between. It's getting more difficult to rationlize putting that sim card back into the Lumia- hoping Windows 10 will change that but so far impressed with the Microsoft services that you can get with Android.
  • This region thingy is stupid I want her! We Swedes understand English as good as anyone!!!
  • XDA developers is your friend ;)
  • So just change region and language in settings? Or are you on Android, if so your OS is too restricted and locked to allow you to decide yourself.
  • And then you can't download anything from the store. In android you can just side load the apk file, you don't have to dick around with regions. Windows Phone is horrendously restrictive in what people can do.
  • Love it.
  • Can't replace the Google Now on my Mate 7
  • Hi, as my Android device is not supported, I sideload instead via apk onto my Android phone. I put in a reminder on L1020 via Cortana, which works as usual. But on my Android phone even though link to my MSFT/hotmail acct, does not show the reminder notification as L1020. Is this normal? Ie the same notification cannot syn through WP to Android?
  • WP 10 preview on your L1020?
  • W8.1 (preview for developer) on L1020, is that reason, ? ie only W10 mobile can syn across diff platform?
  • You need W10 Mobile.
  • I could care less if Cortana is on Android but it's still alpha in Canada after a year and already beta on Android.
  • http://youtu.be/om7O0MFkmpw
  • Cortana is a joke. Microsoft should be ashamed of releasing this half arsed piece of crap.
  • Be nice if Cortana ever progressed from the alpha stage in Australia.. Just saying, pull your finger out Microsoft..
  • We can keep dreaming. Currently for me the only benefit of Cortana is that I can hear my text messages while riding my push bike, but then it never seems to understand me when I want to reply. Then it stays on in my pocket because I didn't properly go through the procedure to complete the Cortana conversation. Then a dozen random apps get pocket opened and my music stops because the phone keeps activating and deactivating Cortana. Go Microsoft, the future is now!
  • So I switched to Android from WP and I find it funny that Microsoft is giving me better apps here than on WP. Lmfao, this is why I switched. And dont tell me wait till W10 mobile because I shouldn't have to. That makes no sense. Am I demanding? Yes, and I should be considering phones cost $700. Although I will say that Android is laggy as hell but I am never going to own an iPhone. And the apps on WP kill me. Although I still use my old WP for things because of the smoothness. Point is MS is giving people reasons to switch. And I know you're thinking "but they work even better on W10". Maybe, but they work well enough on the other OS's that people don't care. But that's just my two cents (although it is more like 25 cents)
  • Oh and another thing, the Android app is already more advanced than the Cortana for WP is in most of the world. Which is ridiculous. (This coming from an American)
  • Also, we must ask ourselves this question: After W10M is finally released, will Microsoft start updating its own apps (especially Office) on W10M at the same frequency as it does for its apps on iOS and Android?
  • Good luck on Android but I am waiting to replace my SP3 and Lumia 930 with an SP4 and Lumia 950. That combo with Windows 10 will be perfect for me.
  • It will be perfect until Microsoft discontinues Windows Mobile.
    & they will.
  • Nope
  • History shows that Xbox lost large amounts of money and was "dead" but now makes billions profit. Surface lost large amounts of money and was "dead" but now makes over a billion profit. WP just lost large amounts of money and is "dead".....I'll let you guess what happens next!
  • Mi bad :) Give it a couple of years and maybe? But y'all get my point. Microsoft will make WP profitable over time rather than give up!
  • WP has lost Microsoft a lot more than the Surface. 10.8 billion just this past year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Very good point but they have $96 billion in the bank (excluding debts) so buying Nokia devices for 10% of cash in their account, then adding some financial wizardry to pay less tax, they will survive. It may take time to regain this through WP/WM but I believe they will succeed. But that's just me...
  • Careful. People don't appreciate reality over here... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't say
  • Great move by Ms... providing a service to a billion android users because half of them or more might be the the users of its own billion user OS....(not talkin about wp) Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Microsoft should concentrate more on Cortana with other countries having major population then US
  • MS strategy will kill off Windows Phone. I don't see why they still bother to make a new phone os. People are switching to android en masse and to be honest, aside from privacy issues, I don't see very many reasons to stick with WP. Ms is giving us loyal WP users the middle finger by giving better service on ios and android.
  • Once Windows 10 arrives on new Windows Phone devices and the Surface Pro 4 arrives (both coming soon) there is no way I will be moving to Android.
  • You have a blind allegiance which is clouding your judgement.
    Nokia/MS have 98% of the Windows Phone market. They will shortly be slashing their hardware offering to just two phones.
    This is the death knell for Windows Mobile. W10M is a year too late already...and most apps actually work better on iOS/Android than they do on Windows 8.1/10!
  • Two phones in each price range... That's six phones per year... Apple released two...
  • Assume too much you do young padwan. I have tried Android/Apple and choose the Microsoft ecosystem because