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Cortana is coming to the Netherlands, we just don't know when

Much like it did back at the end of May for the U.K., Microsoft is teasing the release of Cortana in a new country — this time it's the Netherlands. The Microsoft Netherlands twitter account sent out the not-so-subtle hint, with no indication of exactly when we'll see it launched in the Netherlands, but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Of course we know you can enable Cortana in unsupported countries if you're willing to fiddle with settings, but having native support is always the best. We'll be keeping an eye out for an official release soon.

Source: Microsoft Netherlands; Thanks, Sverre!

  • Indonesia??? Lol
  • Still waiting on it for the UK
  • Soon
  • I think it will be better if they release it worldwide in English, than adding support for each country
  • Exactly! Why couldn't they just do this way?
  • Because they want Cortana to have regionalized content.
  • My parents is bad in English and they can't use it if its not in Norwegian. There is a world outside USA. And English isn't easy for everyone.
  • Metal
    Guess we'll never see Cortana in Norwegian. Microsoft Norway isn't aware of the fact that Microsoft actually has a smartphone OS.
    According to an answer I got on email, I'd better contact Nokia regarding WP8, since it was they that developed the OS...
    So, MS has nothing to do with it, got to trust Nokia on this one...
  • Cortana is a personal assistant. If it fails to deliver on the basics, localized for a region, well, people will just complain that Microsoft released a half assed product and don't know what they're doing. You either release right, or don't release it all. You can't give users something that undelivered and expect it to be a selling point.
  • My thoughts exactly on Xbox music and video.
  • ^ THIS
  • Well, at least they could let the people wanting it in English to enable it, through a setting in the dev preview app or something similar. I really hate having to switch region everytime I need to buy an app...
  • I understand the need for localization. However, there are some aspects of Cortana which has nothing to do with localization, eg Quiet Hours, but those of us outside US could not access those too.  Yes, the walkaround is to switch region, but then we cannot buy apps in the Marketplace without switching regions back and forth. 
  • "You either release right, or don't release it all. You can't give users something that undelivered and expect it to be a selling point." Did you download Xbox Music 1.0.0 when it was released?
  • I think it is merely Daniel's opinion, not a claim on Microsoft's common practices. In any case, releasing software is a matter of compromise - accepting missing features, and known bugs. Otherwise nothing ever gets shipped.
  • You don't need to be a Rubino to know that it should be easier to port Cortana to all English speaking countries first.
    South Africa, Canada, UK, Australia etc, all have a better political profile than the Dutch.
  • You know that most Dutch people speak fluently English?
  • you clearly know shit about the Dutch and the Netherlands all have a beter political profile? uh.... how so? and what has this to do with Cortana    
  • Well in that case, if Microsoft wanted this to be a selling point they should already know that in the US, WP is far behind in the market than Android and iPhone, and also, well English isn't the most spoken language in the world.
  • Dominican Republic? Lol
  • What lumia is in the header pic? The light buttons are in different color?
  • That's likely the 1520.
  • 1520. Different colour is probably just a result of the picture itself. My 1520's buttons are white.
  • The new models allow you to set the navigation buttons to match the accent or current app colours.
  • That's only the nav bar on the 630. The new Huawei Ascend you can change the colours of the on screen buttons.
  • Portugal???
  • O melhor é esperar sentado. Especialmente se depender da Microsoft Portugal...
  • Nunca tivemos suporte de voz pt-pt, duvido seriamente que a Microsoft venha a suportar, a bom exemplo, o novo teclado swipe so esta disponível em pt-br, eu compreendo que a base de utilizadores seja bastante superior no brasil, mas é uma vergonha que o país de origem da língua não tenha suporte.
  • Basta ver o nível de respeito que a Microsoft Portugal tem pela Língua Portuguesa e acho que fica tudo dito.
  • Nossa. Não sabia que não tinha em pt-pt...  O swype em pt-br aqui é bem ruim, podemos dizer. Não tem como escrever palavras como: Comer, Deus, Jesus e até Microsoft! hahahahah Mas, a Microsoft também não gosta da gente aqui. O Bing aqui é horrível. 
  • Jeej...aangenaam verrast
  • Ik ook :). I didn't expect Cortana to be teased in the Netherlands in this early stadium of the rollout. Really cool, can't wait to get it!
  • This is awesome news!
  • Ja klopt!
  • Omg I'm so psyched right now! Dutchies never get such cool things. Everyone with an iPhone still waiting for Siri haha.
  • THE NETHERLANDS? I like the windmills and my old gouda but wtf...  The netherlands?
  • Wow, stereotypes for sure
  • I went to the Netherlands thrice. I saw ONE windmill. So there goes the stereotype I guess...
  • That'd be the stuff in the coffee shops affecting your eyesight...
  • Coffee shops that I didn't enter as I'm violently against the legalization of any kind of drug ;P But seriously. I drove from Brussels to Rotterdam, Maastricht and Amsterdam. The only windmill in sight was in the outskirts of Amsterdam, at the right-side of the freeway.
  • A bit of topic, but if you're against legalization of drugs, do you approve of alcohol, tobacco, sugar and other stuff that would've been considered drugs if found in this time? Just curious :)
  • Okay. I can understand why you'd would be against our legal soft drug policy. But in our defense, we have far less problems with soft drug (and hard drugs) use in our country then, the rest of the world has. Making something legal gives you the ability to controle something. Compare it with the alcohol prohibition in the 1930's in the USA. Alcohol abuse was then a far bigger problem then it is now a days. When it's illegal? For one thing, it's more attractive because, doing something you know is bad, is far more fun then doing something your know your allowed to do.
    For another thing when something is illegal and there's to be made a lot of profit in, then it attracts organized crime. And organized crime is like a bunch of cockroaches, you kill one? And another one will pop up in its place. So you can continue fighting a war you cannot win? Or you could recognize a problem and deal with it accordingly. With accurate figures, less crime, more special drug awareness in high schools and good care for the addicted (addiction will happen, illegal or legal). No i'm not trying to glorify drug use, just stating a different view. And our way has proven more effective. Comparing statistics of this particulary prolem in the Netherlands and in the USA proves that!       
  • Heej Michael! Ik ben ook nederlands, maar zo effectief zijn we niet hoor... We used to be very progressive in our drug policy, but are being overtaken on alle sides by lots of countries, like the US for instance. Our policy is far from a legalisation, but just very inconsistent. It's true however that we've got drug-use still very much under control... :) And now back on topic again...:
    I for one don't think we'll see Cortana anytime shortly, just because of this teaser (which it hardly is, it's just vague...)
  • I totally agree that we are to inconsistent. But the way we handel it offers beter figures and a beter way to pro active deal with it. Saying people can't is making them want to. When you ask me I would prefer a controlled and wel educated legelacation of drugs in general. I believe you cant beat it. You can however take the orgenized crime part away by making it legal. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • WTF?! Dude! I'm Dutch. You make it sound like we are nothing more then a bunch of stupid hillbillies?! We're a nation of artists and scholars, entrepreneurs, merchants who've achieved far more in our rich history then could have being expected by our mere numbers. The Netherlands are one of the richest nations of Europe. With only 17 million people, we're taking the 6 place in the European Union by GDP and 17th place in the world by GDP. I can sure understand why Microsoft finds our market one of potential. 17 million people, most of them living in relative wealth, that's a market where you can sell a lot of high end Windows Phones ;-) .    
  •   Don't forget about the Flemish people. Also Dutch speaking. We are the pioneers on speech technology with L&H in Ieper.  
  • When is she coming to non developers
  • OMG, i just pee'd a little from exitement :D
  • Haha, you sweet little dutch pussy.
  • Microsoft is teasing Cortana all over the world on social networks. They did it in Brazil about 2 months ago.
  • Well, this isn't really news, now is it.....
  • When in india
  • +620 Release it in India first! The CEO is Indian, and even he can't use it right now lol
  • Yeah, he is Indian so what? Lol He is an American citizen for past 20 years, not to mention Microsoft is based in America so his first priority will always be America not India, just wait you'll eventually get it :)
  • Windows Phone in Brazil outsells iOS and gets a lot closer to Android than in other countries... But still no Cortana love for us! :\
  • It's all a bit of a joke really we know its coming everywhere eventually so this isn't news. As for the regionalised argument, search is already local so I see no reason not to release Cortana in English everywhere for those who want it...
  • @Rich Edmonds. Andrew has stolen your phone.
  • Cortana hates Canada
  • She hates french speaking canadian
  • Just give me the temperature in Celsius already...
  • I don't mind Cortana being US friendly... Just say my weather in Celsius when I ask! I mean we don't sound that different from Americans eh?
  • Hehe, yes. We all hate Canada because we hate how awesome you are.
  • What about USA's nearest neighbor? Cortana already travelled too far that she forgot the nearest english speaking country.
  • What? Canada? With all their beady little eyes, and flapping heads so full of lies? ;P
  • Or just having it say weather in Celsius when I ask. That would be nice too
  • Great news contracts to them. Now, when will we be able to see temperature in C in the US? Can't stand F system, just makes no sense to my monkey brain.
  • Canada! Come to Canada Cortana! :D
  • YES !!!!!!!    I am a happy men today :DDDDDDDD
  • For God sicks, Cortana even wasn't launch it yet in USA (officially, GA public), and everybody are complaining about releasing date.
  • the next thing i want to see is "CORTANA IS COMING TO WINDOWS 8.1  x86 & RT"
  • Indonesia please wpCentral
  • CA NA DA !!
  • Why does Microsoft Nederland tweet in English?
  • India guys?????
  • Maybe I am ignorant, but wouldn't it be better to just release it in countries that speak English, French, and whatever the 3rd most poular language is first? Why just isolate English release to UK or USA. If you speak English mostly in that country, then Microsoft should just release it, and patch as time goes on  
  • Not going to work, it may come a surprise to you but the older demographic of bilingual parents, grand parents etc don't speak a word of English. Heck even some bilingual people who have been here in the UK still struggle with complex English sometimes. I teach basic IT, thanks to windows 8 I have an involuntary part time job lol which is actually really enjoyable. Seeing their eyes light up at the simple of tasks and they jokes they crack are pretty darn hilarious.
  • I've got news for you: the world is larger than just the English-speaking countries. When those countries are getting something first, everyone has to shut their mouth, when another country get something first, those people lose their mind. Deal with it. English isn't the only language in the world, and Dutch speaking people has as much right to get this as everybody else.
  • Yeah, I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 from Netherlands.
  • Netherlands is bilingual.
    So i sure hope they know that.
  • The Netherlands has only one language... I think you are confused with the trilingual country Belgium.
  • actually no, two languages: first and most spoken is ofc netherlands and second there is frisian (or frysk) which is spoken in the north (sorry groningen ;P) i'm a native frisian speaker so i know ;) edit: since when is belgium trilangual? only vlaams and french right? (dunno for sure, i love long way from there)
  • We have a little German speaking part Too :P
  • Why they don't release it worldwide in English, and them in future updates implement regional contents and support for other languages. Just like SIRI
  • Because there are more countries besides UK/US.
    In the Netherlands people learn 4 different languages at a high controlling level, so we can take Cortana either in English or Dutch
  • That is why he said release it worldwide in English first. 
  • XBox Music is comming to Poland for more then a year. Microsoft cares only about Americans, and they prefere Apple and Google.
  • What about Finland? :'(
  • pretty creepy seeing your name in a picture on a post...just throwing that out there
  • whats next rich? ;P
  • Yeah!
  • Why not releasing it in France?
    France is a country with a great windows phone percentage!
    They should consider that !
  • Nice to see this coming to the netherlands so soon. hate the region hack, it makes Bing search for American websites and displays temperatures in Fahrenheit, though you can ask her to change to celcius but doing it everytime starts to annoy me
  • What about UK?
  • Getting My hopes up for Dutch speaking Belgum ;)
  • Wow, that's unusual: MS giving the Netherlands some love? Welcome, but caught me by surprise...
  • Keep calm people. You actually think MS is going to invest in Dutch before the larger spoken languages! MS NL is just a sales office making this just a sales pitch.
  • I live in Belgium, so this is way better than having to set my phone to US settings.
  • When to india
  • Romania waiting........
  • Good thing I'm Dutch!
  • i know when, after a century of course