Cortana now lets you start calls and send texts with your voice on Android

If Cortana is your digital assistant of choice on Android, Microsoft is making it a little easier to send texts and make calls when your hands are full. The latest update headed out to Cortana for Android adds in support calling and texting with Cortana voice input, meaning you can do both without having to use your hands (via Windows Blog Italia).

The implementation is pretty straightforward overall. If you want to call or text a specific person, you simply say "call" or "text," followed by the person's name to get started. Requesting a call will immediately initiate the call, while asking Cortana to send a text will take you to a second step where you can dictate your text and confirm you want to send it.

If you've used other digital assistants on Android, this isn't anything new. However, it's a pretty handy feature to have, particularly if you're a big fan of Cortana.

If you want to give the feature a shot, you can check it out now in the latest update to Cortana on the Google Play Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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