Cortana now understands Klingon, 'ej majQa'!

To celebrate the launch of the Lumia 830 here in the UK, as well as the Star Trek convention this week in London, Microsoft has taught Cortana some new phrases in Klingon, possibly utilizing the translation functionality of Bing. The virtual assistant is now able to understand and respond to various phrases, providing some humorous themed replies for Star Trek fans.

From "beam me up" to "do you know commander data" and even "Star Wars or Star Trek?", it's possible to experience something beyond the stars on your smartphone. There's nothing new in terms of functionality, but it's a small giggle, nonetheless. And if you happen to be in company of some Klingons, be sure to check out Bing Translate.

Source: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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