Cortana preview for Android gets a new look in India

Cortana for Android users in India are in for a treat with the app's latest update, which brings a totally revamped UI to the table, among other things. The new look is available now for the Indian English preview version of Cortana (via Android Hits), listed as CoA Preview app on Google Play. This comes shortly after the revamp debuted in the main Cortana app late last year.

Along with some bold new color options, ranging from the default violet to blue, green, and grey, the design has also done away with the hamburger menu. In its place, you'll find a grid icon with a batch of quick actions for things like checking the weather and your reminders. Microsoft is also claiming this update makes the app much faster overall.

Lastly, this version of the app no supports creating a new account using your phone number and SMS code, which should prove useful for some.

If you live in India, you can check out all of the updates to the Cortana preview on Android by grabbing the latest version from Google Play now.

Thanks to Akhil G. and vaankit21 for the tips!

Download CoA Preview from Google Play

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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