Cortana preview for Android gets a new look in India

Cortana for Android users in India are in for a treat with the app's latest update, which brings a totally revamped UI to the table, among other things. The new look is available now for the Indian English preview version of Cortana (via Android Hits), listed as CoA Preview app (opens in new tab) on Google Play. This comes shortly after the revamp debuted in the main Cortana app late last year.

Along with some bold new color options, ranging from the default violet to blue, green, and grey, the design has also done away with the hamburger menu. In its place, you'll find a grid icon with a batch of quick actions for things like checking the weather and your reminders. Microsoft is also claiming this update makes the app much faster overall.

Lastly, this version of the app no supports creating a new account using your phone number and SMS code, which should prove useful for some.

If you live in India, you can check out all of the updates to the Cortana preview on Android by grabbing the latest version from Google Play now.

Thanks to Akhil G. and vaankit21 for the tips!

Download CoA Preview from Google Play (opens in new tab)

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  • these guys are criuc
  • Future news.. Windows 10 coming to android and ios.. I am also a Windows Phone user, so I hope you will never press down vote me as a WP fan.
  • Your English need some fixing, but I agree with you and understand your frustration.
  • I have no idea what he said lol
  • I think the English was done well enough! Since Android got a revamped interface before us (if we even want it... I haven't checked it out yet), Basi joked that Windows 10 ITSELF will be coming to Android and iOS soon! 🤣
  • If like that happen means they will stop updating apps for those two platforms (Android and Ios) and start making their apps better for other new platforms...if available!😂😂
  • Is this Windows Central or Android Central or Iphone Central? You guys have been posting nothing but other platforms
  • 😄😄😄.. Lets watch how windows apps working nicely on android.. Peoples in MS working hard...
  • Well this is a companion app to a Windows feature, right?
  • Why ??!! Just why MICROSOFT??!! Cortana on Windows Mobile lags behind on UI styling than android now... 😭
    Can some one please explain what is ' pick up where you left off' feature???
  • Using Android language makes it more simple to add style to apps than it is on Windows. I just hope Microsoft will make a big difference with Creators update and revamp all their apps to look awesome on all platforms....with their new Neon project!
  • Damn !!
  • And hope that Neon will support Xamarin.
  • It's subjective which looks better. I don't like the soft look in the iOS and Android versions personally
  • ToO bad MS is adding support for other OS and not even caring for MS WIN10 users both on PC's and mobile for other languages, Funny thing is that MS advanced speech laboratory is in Portugal ans guess what language does not have cortana support..
    "Casa de ferreiro espeto de pau"
    "Blacksmith house uses wooden sticks" Roughly translated...
  • Does Google Now/Assistant function properly with native language?
  • I agree with you, Portuguese is the sixth most used language in the world, I wanna speak to Cortana in my native language.
  • Haven't had a release preview update on my Lumia 950 in a loooooong time....... Just saying.
  • Surely that's to be expected with RS2 launching in the near future? Also CU updates could have been delayed as they have for Windows on PC too. Sometimes CU comes straight out to production without passing through Release Preview
  • True dat.. True dat... Was the last fast ring build for mobile?????????
  • I think MS is trying to keep a consistent theme across Windows10 which is reasonable. Cortana could definitely use a UI overall on Xbox and WP - the cards could be be laid out better/differently to present the content better. Cortana in the Windows sphere is more suited for desktop browsing imo. I have all three major OSes and trust its just not as good on other OSes as in Windows. On Android the use of the mic is hit or miss and when it does work it takes forever for the app to actually open and/or load the content. I havent really used it on my iPhone (other than to tell jokes or sing a song) but it was a much better experience than Android. The Cortana Windows experience (with the exception of Xbox) is hands down better all around than on other platforms.
  • Xbox has one advantage that it seems to do more local processing in more recent updates. Telling Cortana to play or pause for example is instant, as is launching apps. Cortana takes a little more time to do that on PC and Mobile, especially if there's a blip in connectivity