Cortanium, the cool third-party Windows 10 app for extending the use of its Cortana digital assistant, has been updated with some highly requested new features. They add some additional voice commands that extend the use of Cortana in some new directions.

The developers of the app, Liquid Daffodil, sent us the notes about the update

"The most heavily requested command for Cortanium has been to enable Cortana to "Shutdown", "Restart", "Suspend", and "Log Off" with your voice…and now Cortanium can do it! So you can say "Hey Restart". Cool! NOTE: This additional functionality does require a quick ClickOnce install for a one-time configuration. Users enabling this feature may get prompted by Windows 10 to "be sure" they want to install it…but it's 100% safe for them."

The developer stated this new feature is not supported with devices with ARM processors, which means it won't work for the vast majority of Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. It added that Cortanium is also available for the first time in India, Canada, and Australia, in addition to the U.S. and UK, but just for English.

Download Cortanium for Windows 10

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