Cortanium for Windows 10 adds 'Shutdown', 'Restart' and more voice commands for Cortana

Cortanium, the cool third-party Windows 10 app for extending the use of its Cortana digital assistant, has been updated with some highly requested new features. They add some additional voice commands that extend the use of Cortana in some new directions.

The developers of the app, Liquid Daffodil, sent us the notes about the update

"The most heavily requested command for Cortanium has been to enable Cortana to "Shutdown", "Restart", "Suspend", and "Log Off" with your voice…and now Cortanium can do it! So you can say "Hey Restart". Cool! NOTE: This additional functionality does require a quick ClickOnce install for a one-time configuration. Users enabling this feature may get prompted by Windows 10 to "be sure" they want to install it…but it's 100% safe for them."

The developer stated this new feature is not supported with devices with ARM processors, which means it won't work for the vast majority of Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. It added that Cortanium is also available for the first time in India, Canada, and Australia, in addition to the U.S. and UK, but just for English.

Download Cortanium for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: Cortanium

  • Cortanium? Wow...
  • What is Containium? Is it some kinda of zombie containment or quarantine? :)
  • Lol! xD
  • It's a mineral!
  • Sigh...
  • Buhahahaa!!! ^^
  • Too bad it doesn't seem to be available outside the US yet.
  • Shows up for me in Germany, although I am probably in the U.S. store--if M.S. has such a thing--my accounts are probably U.S.
  • The Store tells me "Cortanium ist zurzeit nicht verfügbar". What are your language/region settings?
  • Oh yeah good point, I run U.S. English. It says "nur für Englisch" at the end of the article above :) I wonder if you can switch stores (like I've had to do with my iPads to get Aldi/Ikea/DriveNow/Usw.) or if U.S. payment accounts are required?    
  • It may work if I just change my language or region settings but the app may not work properly or at all if I revert the settings back. I'd probably not be able to get app updates either.
  • Hey Format!  
  • Delete Win32
  • I hope the Cortana team adds this to Cortana officially.
  • I do prefer MS most basic function and let dev to make the rest. That perhap a way for dev to come to Windows platform
  • then some troll could shut your computer down
  • Windows 10, in say 2017, won't be the new kid being highly scrutinized. Instead, it's going to be all the things that this article implies. We'll just do all this, as if it's always been this way.
    Amazing stuff. Crazy cool.
  • I don`t understant Cortana`s regional problem, i`m from Romania and i can clearly speak english to a **** phone... but it won`t let me use it because i`m not in the right region .. i have to setup my phone/PC as being in other place of the planet so i can talk like an ***** to my phone ...
  • I had a lot of this "regional store" frustration with our Apple iPads too. So I guess it's not just Microsoft...
  • Microsoft gave an excuse for the delay; assistants from different countries interact in different ways: Could also be that they're tweaking the spyware for different markets
  • It blows my mind that this isn't cooked into Cortana by Microsoft already. Seriously, how much engingeering does it take to implement a "shutdown /s t:00" trigger in Cortana? There's some extemely basic & highly requested features that should have been implemented by now. I don't even want to get started on Edge context menu options....
  • Actually, let's just have custom triggers! Something like ifttt and/or Microsofts own on{x} on Android. It will be huge for home automation, etc. Look at what is happening with the Amazon Echo. I would be surprised if it wasn't going to happen...
  • You can trigger ifttt with the windows app Cortana Triggers. It works great. I control my nest thermostat and all my lights with cortana on my surface pro 3. Check it out on the store.
  • A Gaint as big as MS should have produce a finished OS. Their is no excuses it is not a beta coz it is preinstalled on product that is MS selling to masses and not to a close group. And lame explanation of this being as a service is complete bullshit, more than 1 year has passed and w10 for mobile is not ready yet. My first and only smartphone is Lumia, but is sad to see where MS is heading. And guys all your blind faith on MS is not helping the environment. Tell me is nl950 is so ready with current OS that each and every employee of MS itself can use it ? They themselves never know which email they will send or delete or edit will actually work. And yeah I know some people will bash me for this, but it is fine.
  • The problem will be the term "finished". I can use 950 daily without any issues and my feel of incomplete system is just lack of some apps. But the system itself dont feel unfinished. If you think these things like restart throught cortana not present are the marks of unfinished product then you must also think that ios 7 was unfinished due to not having living images. Or android 4 due to having stuff in dalvik and not art.
  • I was expecting these MS to add these features sooner or later in Cortana.
  • Cool name.
  • I wish it had a trial. Most of the reviews in the store are negative. Maybe if Cortanium brought back Cortana's ability to turn on quiet hours during busy times, I would spring for it.
  • The developer is crazy cool. He responded to a support request I sent immediately. And when I volunteered to "help" if I could, he quickly involved me in the troubleshooting. (The Surface Pro 4 does not like these new shutdown-restart commands) Within minutes he had my SP4 restarting using a routine outside of the app itself. I suspect that confirmation that his "external routine" worked on the Surface Pro 4 tells him what he needs to change in his code. I'm betting the app gets an update very shortly. Wish all developers were on the ball like this. (Including the one I'm sitting across the office brother.  lol ) 
  • Update:  Solution for Surface Pro 4 is nailed down. I'm impressed with "Liquid Daffodil" Updated app with fix will be in the store in a few hours, he states. The new commands work perfectly. I thjink I will load this remotely on the bosses Surface while he sleeps tonight. (Citrix) Then prank him tomorrow when I walk into his office and just state the magic command! (I drive the poor Iphone dude crazy)
  • Liquid Daffodil is BOSS.  I love his apps.
  • What can be easily writen as a powershell script and rehashed into an app.  It's amazing that Microsoft can't even use THEIR OWN technology to have Cortana have complete powershell syntax capability.  Oops...I think I previewed the original strategy...too bad they forgot that's why Cortana is an integral part of both Desktop and Mobile. 
  • I had no idea Cortana was extensible. Microsoft should publicize this more.
  • Yes, finally available for Canada! I just bought the app! Thanks Windows central for the tip!
  • It wasn't available for Canada? I didn't know that as I just tried to buy and install the app for my Lumia 950 XL today. Great app
  • To let people know some Internet Security programs are triggered when you download the add on, Cortanium+, to enable the shutdown command. Mine deleted the file immediately after download. It informed me it was a WS.Reputation.1. I will email the developer and let him know as well.
  • Do these new features work on Lumia 950 XL? I tried to install the packages that they say is necessary on my 950XL but it does not open .exe file properly. Anyone else tried these features?