Could a future Surface Duo feature a built-in kickstand?

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A Microsoft patent shows a device similar to the Surface Duo with a kickstand attached to the hinge.
  • The kickstand is designed to stay out of the way while you use the device in your hand.
  • As with all patents, this design may never appear on a device that's released to the public.

Surface devices and kickstands have a long history. Since the launch of the original Surface Pro, many devices from the Surface family have featured kickstands. It appears that one more Surface device, the Surface Duo, could gain a kickstand somewhat similar to its siblings.

A new patent by Microsoft illustrates and describes a kickstand on a hinged device. The patent doesn't use the word "kickstand." Instead, it refers to an integrated support along the spine of the device. The patent was published on May 27, 2021 and spotted by WindowsUnited.

Part of the patent reads:

In some embodiments, an electronic device includes a first portion, a second portion, a spine, and a support. The second portion is movably connected to the first portion by a hinge. The hinge has a hinge axis, and the spine is connected to the hinge and oriented parallel to the hinge axis. The support is connected to the spine and has a deployed position and a stowed position. The stowed position is abutting the spine and the deployed position is spaced apart from the spine to support the electronic device on a surface.

Regardless of what the patent calls it, it is clearly describing a kickstand. From the side, the support looks even more like a kickstand from a bicycle than the stands on the Surface Pro line.

As is the case with all patents, this kickstand design may never appear in a device that ships to the public. Even if it does come to a future Surface Duo, it may not be the Surface Duo 2.

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