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The Covia BREEZ X5 is the latest Japanese Windows 10 Mobile smartphone

Quite a few Japanese smartphone hardware companies have launched Windows 10 Mobile smartphones in the last few months. The latest is Covia, which revealed its 5-inch BREEZ X5 for a release later in April for the price of ¥24,800 (about $226).

The Covia BREEZ X5 (via Gadget Blaze) is a dual SIM phone with a 1280x 720 IPS display. Inside, there's a quadc-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor running at 1.1GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. It also has a 8MP rear camera with a LED flash along with a 2MP front-facing camera. Finally, there's a 2500mAh removable battery.

Thanks to Czar for the tip!

  • Sounds like a lumia 650 with a better battery.
  • Looks good too... Wish had better specs Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • And a more basic design. And a lower resolution front facing camera. And a slower processor. And a higher price. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • And half the internal storage. And bigger bezels. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • You're forgetting the fact that the 650 isn't officially sold in Japan. via Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • This Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No. 550 with better specs
  • 1" display, and just make it very large like old phones used to be!
  • Nice phone, but that bezel at the bottom though.
  • I'll bezel your bottom.=)
  • ******* ftw xP
  • *r1mm1ng
  • How's this price compared to Lumia 650 Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • Lower sepcs (other than battery), higher price. Lumia 650 is better. 
  • Lumia 650 is 200 dollar but in China its around 250 dollars
    Comparing specs to price this phone is priced higher than the 650
  • The more the merrier. Why don't the Chinese and Indians get into the act. They can manufacture and sell cheaper. Anyway good work Japan
  • I would say, keep 'em coming like the anime industry dominating the world...
  • It's a nice product Windows 10 mobile -L535
  • I'd rather have the NuAns NEO. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same here. That phone is the best. I'm gonna buy it when it's available in the US.
    And I can't wait to 3D print my own covers!
    - Sent From Mars
  • Hum, an OEM nobody never heard, low specs, price not so good... I thing that's not the way for Windows 10m to became popular
  • Why not? It's exactly why android got popular.
  • Yay to you Micah
  • For $100 more, I purchased a Moto X Pure Edition SD808 32G Ram running Marshmallow.  I have put WP10 on hold until MS sorts out what they want to do.  From WPC, it looks like things should be shaping up in 2017, the big questions will developers be on board.....Apps, Apps, Apps.
  • Apps are increasing day by day so by 2017 you should have quite a lot.
  • Personally I don't need more apps, but I want good smartphone options... Today there's no Windows mobile options with good specs and a reasonable price
  • I'd rather have the Windows phone and the extra $100 in my pocket.
  • I left android behind. Had a moto, liked it but unless you have nexus you are months/years behind on security patches. That is the big fail with android. Posted from an Oric-1
  • Loads of little OEMS making W10 phones = Moderately sized OEMS take note and make their own W10 phones = Big OEMS take note and start making W10 phones.  
  • Loads? Hum...
    Well, when big OEMs will make W10 phones? Soon I guess... lol
    Anyway, just waiting an smartphone to take place of my 730...
  • I mean as in if there were loads. I was making a point that little OEMS are important too.
  • Big OEMs are not wasting their time. They have very little control over Windows 10 mobile vs Android.
  • Well, this is for specific market anyways, so most of us never heard these brands. If you go to developing or non-western markets, you might be surprised with the diversity of brands you can choose which Android currently dominating it. You should be glad that at least there are companies enough to care realising Windows phone devices despite not being as a giant as Samsung.
  • The specs are on the light side but at least it's another phone being offered.
  • Another sd210 whyyy?? Posted with @¥€~-^£¥*%$#£¥_#%&*-?"!!!
  • Ouu come on..... Snap210... Stupid phones with stupid specs and stupid designed!!!(lumia950/950xl) sorry but after 6year I have no more patience.....
  • There's a market for these stupid phones with stupid specs.
  • The phones with the "stupid specs" are the reason I see Lumias everywhere I go (635s and 640s). So I'm perfectly fine with more budget phones. There have been quite a few flagships announced too. 
  • These so called "stupid specs" makes Android flooded the smartphone market (though many on the bad side), and it helps to the platform for people even try Windows phone devices. These are not a problem as long as we have several flagship devices to choose from (which is at the moment not alot). Also, entry-level and mid-range phones dominates the Windows phone space because Microsoft left a huge gap without a flagship for a very long time and only releasing entry-level and fewer mid-range phones. This what makes the Windows Phone markeshare dropped, because the lack of compelling and available flagships to buy, added with the injury of lacking several apps, people gave-up and switched. Only now we got some flagships again and another few more W10M devices to fill the gap. Nothing spectacular but at least it gives some presence until they can finally give us something really compelling.
  • Amazing how functional these "stupid phones" with "stupid specs" are. Guess maybe you don't need $800 phones to actually do useful things on a phone.
  • No, you do not need $800 phones. My Nokia Lumia 735 outperforms my iPhone 6XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. More important, I can get through a day without having to charge the phone constantly at my desk. Who needs millions of apps that does frivolous things or be forced to work the way Apple forces you to do?
  • The negativity over the 950 and 950XL's design has gone way over the top now. As a 950XL owner, I really like how my phone looks. Out of the box, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing devices ever, no, but what they do have is a minimalist, clean design that puts functionality over looks - the plastic allows for a removable back and battery, wireless charging, SD expansion. They are also much more durable. Putting function before looks is not 'stupid' - rather, it is the complete and utter opposite. Valuing a phone entirely on what it looks like...well, that is stupid.
  • LG G5 is metal and has SD expansion and removable battery; plus other modules that can be installed. S7 allows wireless charging.  A removable battery and SD storage are not functions that the majority of users seem to require; otherwise Apple wouldn't have the highest profit margins in the industry. Because someone dislikes the design of the 950 series, it doen't mean looks are all they care about in a phone.  
  • The G5 is legitimately innovative, I'll give LG that. However, there have been many complaints that the S7 feel cheap, breaks easily (I know someone who's had theirs replaced already) due to the glass. So it's not all positive. And I have read that the G5 doesn't feel like metal either, it feels like plastic, and it does't look amazing in my opinion.
  • It does gets tiring, though I guess because people can't just help it with their disappointment especially with the hype and anticipation to have new Lumia flagship for a long time. The disappointment comes from having those having aesthetically pleasing flagship and breaking that lineage. We did have way better specs and features, but we unnecessary sacrifice looks. I don't know with everybody, but not all are wishing for glass back or metal unibody thing like many flagships of today, people just want that doesn't look bland out-of-the-box. Not to mention it needs the looks to be tempting on the store shelves and on carrier stores, it helps for good press too. I'm fan of minimalism, but I cannot put 950 series as an example of good minimalism that still delivers great looks. It's minimalist in a way that it's looks are simple, too simple that just looks too ordinary for an expensive flagship device, that have history of having great looking plastic flagships. It wasn't beautifully simple. It's just functional and that's what I only saw about it. Plastic isn't the problem, it's just how it really looks overall. We had great looking flagships in the past, and they're plastic (though colorful one). The only stubborn about the past though was they refuse to feature removable backs and expansion storage, which were only available on mid-range and entry-level.
  • Seems like Japan is the place to be if you want choices for Windows Phone/Mobile.
  • Well, at least some parts of the world are getting a good selection of Windows phones.
  • Why is there no Windows phone on SD 6xx 
  • They exist but only in Japan.
  • Where very less people use windows phone
  • Yes there is one
    The vaio wp with snap 617
    But availability is pretty limited
  • I wish we have more 6xx series devices to fill up this year at least.
  • There aren't many phones using SD 6xx at all. I've seen a lot of 8xxs and 4xxs but 6xx doesn't seem to be popular.
  • Another ****** Win device
  • Dead on arrival.
  • For who?
  • Eh specs weak but the more the merrier.
  • This must be the reason why windows mobile market share in Japan rose 0.2%
  • Lol specs even worser than 650 & that price 226 dollar lol
  • No such word as worser ;-)
  • I'd have gone with "even more worserest."
  • LOL
  • Why do all the photos to promote the phone on their website feature people that look they do not live in Japan if this phone is for the Japanese market and all the text on the site is in japanese??
  • Lol I just noticed that.
  • Marketing strategy. Showing Westerners in Japanese advertisements has been a thing for decades.
  • Something available worldwide?
  • Not even Lumias... waiting for 950/XL, 550 and 650 here in Brazil...
  • This is huge. Huge bezels. Any info on this no name OEM?
  • make android phones, HD audio devices and WiFi repeaters etc
  • Any idea on size of the operation they run? More than 10 people?
  • I guarantee they don't make this device themselves. Anyone can "build" a phone like this. You just write a check to the ODM factory in China, send them a file with your company logo/package graphics and a few month later you have a shipping container full of handsets.
  • I do believe, around this time last year, that these boards were full of WP is dead, no more OEM's interested, I'm off to fairyland or whatever... Now, we have plenty of OEM's rocking up, and the criticisms' are still there. There is probably a reason for SD210. Maybe it's affordable? Maybe it is all that is needed to run W10M? To be honest, make that brutally honest, Our 640's and 950xl's show negligible difference in the real world. There is a difference, but is isn't as noticeable as you may think. Maybe the Japanese market has a gap for these. Japan is an oddity to me. I've been there twice and as country known for its technology, many people there are just happy with what they have got. Even some of their home market cars are complete oddballs. And also why would these OEM's bother with, as we have been told on numerous occasions by the doom mongers, a dead OS???
  • The criticisms are still there because of nuances like this: I haven't seen a Windows Phone commercial on TV since June 2013, and there are no Windows phones for me to buy on Verizon, the largest network in the most profitable cell phone market in the world. That's a problem.
  • Nokia provides now most of the networks for all 4 US operators. Perhaps it could use these connections to push also some phones in the future. Likely to be Android though.
  • To my knowledge, Windows Phone/Mobile has apparently 'died' 5,654,453 times. That's just in the last month.
  • That's a zombie :)
  • What the heck happened to the Acer Jade Primo and why don't we know anything new about it yet? Pricing? Release date? Camera performance? Anything. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • QS210, 1Gb ram = this phone will be dumped very soon
  • Japan has traditionally been one of the hardest nuts for Windows Phone to crack. I think it is astounding that so many Windows 10 Mobile devices are quickly coming out there.
  • Which is a good thing and hope that this will continue to improve. I guess it's not really that late for Windows mobile devices to thrive there. It really shows that Windows phones can really thrive better than the US market, yet Microsoft is unfortunately still poor at pushing its services outside. This Japanese market is really tough to crack for Microsoft, but maybe this should be way more rewarding when they finally nail this. Who knows if this market might be the true gem.
  • I hope all these smaller OEMs have enough success to turn around market share.  So far, unfortunately, it seems to be headed (rapidly) in the wrong direction.  Of course if MS can be a success with mobile in the enterprise, that will help considerably.
  • I'm sick of it! Windows phones are too expensive comparitively. Value phones? Microsoft makes stuff in 2015 with tech from 2011. Extremely bad. In my place, the Lumia 650 just came and it costs 250 USD! Micrsoft really needs to lower the price of it's phones. They are in no position to ask too much.
  • Lower demand means they can't produce on a large scale and so unit costs are higher. Costs get passed on to the customers.
  • Well, I hope Microsoft has marketting experts. Because whatever the demand, people who are at least interested in a WIndows phone, may or may not be able to buy one because of the hefty price tag. I had the 540, sold it. And now I hoped MS would make the 650 around 200 USD. I follow MS everyday, but I cannot buy the 650 crap with that price. I am taking the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.    
  • Why do mostly only Japanese oems making windows phones ? I mean like last 3/5 phones were Japanese
  • What else do they have to do?
  • Some rival for L650. Though hardly difference of 2$ but L650 has more features and trust and love
  • The 650 is a good solid capable phone, quick & responsive, I haven't had any issues with mine. W10M 650
  • I'm so glad OEMs keep pushing out new phones.
  • "Finally, there's a 2500mAh removable battery." YES!
  • Damn. You would bloody need a ladder to cross over that button bezel!
  • the thing is ...who actually cares, i mean 226 $ ? for such a low end ,cheap, good for nothing, and from a company that almost nobody knows (remember Prestigio ) why someone buy something like that for that amountr of money and not buy a better  android device  for the same price least the android device will something to  install on it. we gonna have to wait for a year or two for microsoft to make the proper changes so they can promote again WM10 .(for now ..lets face it ,its slowly dying -not dead yet)      
  • I really am interested in how W10M devices are selling in Japan.