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Croc's World in the Creators Collection is basically Mario on Xbox One

The Creators Collection is a group of games on Xbox One which don't follow traditional publishing or ID@Xbox protocols. Anyone can develop a game and post it on the Microsoft Store as long as they do so through the Xbox Live Creators Program. Since then we've seen some great titles and free experiences like Solitaire HD and Tic Tac Toe, but Croc's World is definitely the highlight here. It features great controls and is quite similar to a legendary franchise.

You may notice many similarities between this game and a famous platformer starring an Italian plumber who jumps on turtles and mushrooms. The level design is very similar except for some key differences. You still jump around and break blocks or destroy enemies. However, instead of gaining a special red mushroom which makes you bigger, this game gives you a football helmet. If you manage to keep the helmet and come across another power-up, you gain the ability to throw rocks instead of fireballs. Lastly, if you collect a hundred diamonds, you'll get an extra life. You get the picture.

If you like Mario or other platformers, be sure to check out Croc's World. The Microsoft Store says that the game features a $1.99 add-on, which probably unlocks the full game. We tested out the game and found it to be quite delightful. The controls are solid, it looks great, and runs at 60 FPS. The controls make or break any such experience so it's great to see the developer perfect them for the Xbox One version.

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  • "Croc's World in the Creators Collection is basically Mario on Xbox One" Once again, Asher Madan trying to oversell this beloved XB1. Comparing this to Mario is an insult to Mario games and the franchise. lol
  • I think he just meant similar. But I agree, Mario wipes the floor with this.
  • Just because it's also a platformer it doesn't mean it's "Mario on XB". This is like saying VR Karts is like Forza Horizon 3 on PS4 or Orc Slayer is "Halo on PS4". It's ridiculous. MS/XB fanboys will be upset by my comment and downvote me but it still doesn't make the comparison less stupid. It would have been cool if they just talked about the game for what it is. Comparing it to Mario and saying it's basically "Mario on XB1" is misleading to the readers. I know MS fanboys don't mind people getting misled if it sells more XB1 but I don't really care about them and hurting their feelings... :)
  • This games are not that good. The jumping feels strange. And no it's not even close to any Mario game.
    But hey maybe they changed everything for the XboxOne..
  • Played this on my Windows Phone and struggled with it, but I think that is more due to the phone factor as I don't enjoy touch controls anyway. Not the best game, but it will pass the time.
  • Chix-n-Vixens