Smash everything in sight in 3D-meets-8-bit Cross and Crush

Cross and Crush is an odd time waster of a game for Windows 10 that taps in on your ability to destroy things and evade capture. You play the part of a dog sled-riding squirrel with one thing on its mind: smash everything in sight.

As buildings, trees, homes, shrubbery and other items are smashed, the local authorities dispatch an assortment of troops to put a stop to the devastation. Cross and Crush is just as much a game of survival as it is one of destruction.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the 8-bit-style graphics look good, the controls simple and overall Cross and Crush is a fun time way to help you pass the time.

Cross and Crush is a fast-paced game that offers you a minimal main menu that has options to visit the game's store, access the game's settings, view the local/online leaderboards and jump into gameplay. Cross and Crush is a free, ad-supported game with an option off the main menu to remove the ads with a $9.99 in-app purchase.

When you first jump into gameplay, Cross and Crush outlines the game's objectives and controls. The goal is simple: smash everything in sight by slamming into it with your sled, all while avoiding the monsters chasing down your squirrel. Controls are equally simple: tap the left side of the screen to turn left, tap the right side to turn right.

This Windows 10 game has five cityscapes to destroy that include Santa Land, Rage Town, Burning Desert, Lost Jungles and Ocean Ride. You begin the game destroying Santa Land and must crush a certain percentage of the town before additional cities become available.

As the structures are demolished by your sled, coins appear that can be collected and used to unlock new characters and sleds. The characters are responsible for pulling the sled and both items can possess special skills to better evade the authorities.

Speaking of which, Cross and Crush allows you just a few seconds to wreak havoc on the city and then the authorities are cut loose to chase you down. This includes your typical police cruisers and helicopters, but can also include odd sorts such a Yetis to give chase.

You do face a collection of Bosses that include a giant scorpion, a sniper shark, a giant spider and a cybernetic rabbit. There is armament your squirrel can collect throughout the game to help him battle these bosses, as well as destroy the city, such a huge machine gun to mount on the sled.

Overall, Cross and Crush is a fun game for Windows 10 PC and Mobile that can help you pass short bits of time. It won't hold up to marathon sessions, but when you have a few minutes to kill, Cross and Crush fills that void nicely. The biggest downside to this game, however, is the ad support.

You have both banner ads that display throughout the game and thirty-second video ads that pop-up. The banner ads are easily overlooked, but the video ads are downright annoying — they appear after every single game. I understand the importance of ad support to help developers provide free games, but the ads should never take away from the game's experience. The game could survive the ad support if the videos were spaced out more or if the cost to remove them wasn't so high.

I still like Cross and Crush, but the ad support takes a lot of the fun out of this Windows 10 game.

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George Ponder

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