CrossfireX campaign reveal trailer shown during Xbox Games Showcase

Crossfire X Image Xgs Showcase
Crossfire X Image Xgs Showcase (Image credit: Smilegate Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Remedy Games is working on the campaign for CrossfireX.
  • A new trailer for the campaign was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase.

During the Xbox Games Showcase today, we got a new look at the campaign for CrossfireX. The campaign for CrossfireX is being developed by Remedy Games, while the multiplayer is being done by Smilegate Entertainment. You can take a look at the trailer below:

CrossfireX is coming to Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • The campaign isn't even included in Game Pass. It sold separately.
  • That doesn't make sense. They said that everything in the presentation will be in Game Pass.
  • They said all games will be included in the Game Pass or free to play the multiplayer is free to play but the campaign is a paid add-on. If you read the small print on the trailer during the show it says "CrossfireX multiplayer is free to play (Xbox Live Gold required). Single player not in Xbox Game Pass (sold separately)"
  • True but the way the presented it seemed shifty. They didn’t show any multiplayer, only single player campaign and that information was flash for like 2-3 seconds in small print during a fast moving action sequence. Came across as a little deceptive to me.
  • Damn, that sucks. I was only interested in the SP. I thought the MP was going to be a F2P game, maybe I am confused with something else.
  • I guess it’s still in the gamepass but it’s pretty sneaky how M$ presented it. I’ll end up buying it tho, I love everything Remedy does.