Binge on anime with Crunchyroll for Windows 10

The app has a simple layout and a boatload of content. A membership option for Crunchyroll is available, but it is not required. The free version of Crunchyroll provides full access to its anime library and is ad-supported. A premium subscription is available for a monthly fee that drops the ad support and unlocks additional features.

If you are an anime fan or are just in search of quality streaming content, Crunchyroll is a good option to have in your Windows 10 app library.

Crunchyroll's layout is simple, effective and easy to navigate. A menu button rests in the upper left corner that provides access to the app's settings and lets you log in or create a Crunchyroll account. Settings provide options on how you view content lists and the subtitle language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Italian).

Content with Crunchyroll is tabbed and includes a home page where you can view your streaming queue and history, a New Page that lists newly-added content and pages for anime and drama episodes. In the most basic sense, anime covers animated content, and drama covers content with actors. Just keep in mind that to use the queue and history features you need to create an account. Accounts are free and based on your email address.

You can search content by keyword or sort the streaming content by a variety of genres and filters. Genres include action, comedy, crime, historical, romance and more. Content can be viewed in list form, which includes a short synopsis of the series or episode, or by thumbnail with the number of episodes available listed. Crunchyroll also has Cortana support for content searches and pulling up your streaming queue.


In general, pulling up a specific series shows a short summary of what the anime or drama series is about and a listing of all the episodes available. Each episode has a brief overview of the storyline. The amount of content listed with anime or drama shows varies, depending on the information that is available to Crunchyroll.

Series can be pinned to your Windows 10 Start Screen, added to your account queue to watch later and shared with friends. Crunchyroll's streaming library has over 25,000 licensed episodes that represent over 15,000 hours of viewing time. Streaming was smooth with quality resolution. Ad-support with the free version of Crunchyroll delivers 15- to 30-second advertisements, placed periodically throughout the stream, much like you would see on network television. The ads are mostly Crunchyroll ads highlighting new contents, and they're by no means unbearable.


If you do not care for the advertisements, there is the option to upgrade to a premium version of Crunchyroll. You need an account and the premium version is currently priced at $6.95 a month. Along with dropping the ad support, the premium version also provides you access to new content immediately after it airs, as well as high-quality, 1080p streaming.

Overall, the viewing experience with Crunchyroll is good. I experienced no issues with playback, the amount of content was vast, and the ad support wasn't oppressive. The Windows 10 Mobile version allows you to get your anime fix while on the go. The PC version is great for use a tablet while stretched out on the couch or on the desktop when you need a break from work. Anime may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if it is, Crunchyroll is a Windows 10 app for you.

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George Ponder

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