Crytek engineer retracts claim that PS5 is easier to develop for than Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Teardown
Xbox Series X Teardown (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specifications were revealed a few weeks ago.
  • The Xbox Series X features a more powerful CPU and GPU.
  • A Crytek developer recently said that the PS5 was "better" because it was easier to program for.
  • Now he's retracted that statement.

Ever since the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5) specifications were revealed, there has been a lot of debate about which console is "better." While the Xbox Series X has a raw power advantage that should result in better in-game effects and possibly resolutions, the PS5 has a faster solid-state drive which should help games load a little faster.

However, there's another debate raging about which console is easier to program for. A few days ago, a Crytek engineer by the name of Ali Salehi said that the PS5 was "a better console" because "developers are saying PS5 is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance. Software-wise, coding for PS5 is extremely simple and has so many abilities."

In the original interview, Salehi said that DirectX 12 hadn't been updated for a long time, and curious omitted any mention of DirectX 12 Ultimate. It's unclear if he's had any time with the Xbox Series X development kit, which is regarded quite favorably by the industry judging by our conversations. It also came across as odd, given that Salehi made no mention of DirectX 12 Ultimate, which was announced just recently. It's unclear when the original interview was recorded, but since then, Salehi hasn't commented DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Yesterday, GamesRadar+ said that Salehi had retracted his statements as stated by the outlet that interviewed him, Vigiato. GamesRadar+ wrote the following.

A Crytek engineer... Salehi, reportedly argued that PS5 is easier to program for than Xbox Series X in a recent interview with Persian site Vigiato, but that claim has now been retracted. Some of Salehi's quotes were archived on ResetEra and by Tom's Guide... However, Vigiato has seemingly pulled the interview, and the aforementioned Twitter user most recently affirmed that 'Ali Salehi doesn't confirm the content of the interview anymore due to personal reasons.'

It's unclear what these "personal reasons" are, but as a multi-platform third-party developer, it's unlikely that Crytek wants to be seen as favoring either company, particularly before kits have even shipped to third parties, and particularly given that Salehi made no mention of how DirectX 12 Ultimate and other new features may impact development pipelines.

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  • MBG and his delusional followers were having a field day about this before it was retracted. These guys still believe that somehow the PS5 is going to be magically more capable than the Series X.
  • To be honest, that's the way the "console war" goes. I remember a lot of gamers could've believe the Xbox One was 0.5 TFLOPS less powerful than the PS4. However, eventually, everyone accepted it. I'm sure it'll be a similar case with the Xbox Series X and PS5 because we know that the Xbox Series X is around 2 TFLOPS more powerful, maybe more because the PS5 starts at 9 TFLOPS before overclocking.
  • This stuff is all over YouTube, from both sides, ours is better blah blah. One youtuber even used Daniel Rubin, and Windows Central as his evidence that the PS5 is overheating. It could be, but the guy referred to Windows Central as a gaming site. For me, WC is a gaming site, as that is the content I read most. But, I just felt that the guy had literally nothing to say, but needed to put a video out. Once you get past that first week following the reveal, there is no more content to discuss on a daily basis. Weekly, yeah, but not daily! As more games get revealed, that'll change. As for which is easier, as a gamer, I'm of the assumption that the Xbox Series X can't be too bad. I know Cerny was crowing about the short time it took to get useable code, and hats off to them. I wonder if any Devs have anything positive to say about DX12U?
  • That's the thing about YouTube though, you have to keep putting stuff out otherwise you're not making money. Dan R and myself commenting on some mild rumors we've heard of developers being concerned that PS5 could have cooling problems due to freqs used got overblown into us saying that the consoles were melting, both by people with an agenda wanting to attack us, and by Xbox fanboys looking to attack PS5. It's dumb as hell, and even more dumb when you realize that these people are grown adults. It's impossible to just "like both consoles." I play on everything. I couldn't care less about their dumb console war.
  • Yep, with great power, comes great responsibility, lol. I don't care either, all I wanted was for there not to be a massive gap. I actually think Xbox needed even more grunt, to truly take the win on specs. The good thing is, people still think it swings one way or another, which surely means both are damned close, else no discussion to have. So, gamers won! Truth is, I prefer the Xbox controller, so I'm staying put. Keep up the good work, I tune into you and Rand, no idea how to do the chat stuff though.
  • Proof is pudding. Anyone claiming anything isn't being backed up by proof till release. An SSD does SSD things, that is 101 when building a system and has nothing to do with the overall performance of a system. No matter how custom an SSD is, it never will add more Teraflops or Power than just allowing faster load times and perhaps faster loading of more complex textures on objects.
  • It is going to be hard for MS to overtake Playstation. MS really hurt the Xbox brand this generation and the lack of first party games made it even worse. I have both consoles and have enjoyed both, the Playstation more this generation because of their first party titles. MS needs to up their game with some really good single player experiences if they want to get back to where they were with the 360. That of course is just my take on everything.
  • Its possible but how much money does Microsoft want to give Xbox division to win this console generation? The reality is, its about the games. Games first, media center as an after thought, its there but not built for that. MS needs to shell out cash to buy time exclusives. Sony shamelessly does it, stop playing fair, its the console business. Trying to win by positioning the system as "cloud" gaming console will only confuse the message. Nintendo more than anyone is all about the games, Sony understood and learned from Nintendo and focus on the games. If Microsoft mentions words like "entertainment center", "media streaming", or even "cloud gaming" they are done for. Consumer will see it as Xbox one kinect and media center all over again.
  • Are they making another Ryse game? I know the first one didn't get a lot of favorable reviews, but it would nice to see a second game for the Xbox again, specially in another city, like Assassin's Creed. And there's nothing keeping them from making it a better game than the first.
  • Sony is in damage control mode. Post after post, anonymous devs and devs that retract thier stories come and go out of the blue. wccf is a good place to see the denial.
  • I did laugh alot of this. 6 or so developers have all come out saying Series X is quite a bit more powerful and even talk about how the BCPack in Series X outperforms the general purpose Kraken Compression in PS5. Even though Kraken has more raw speed. It's not as efficient at Texture Assest drawing. Then along came this guy, who Crytek very clearly shut down for false information. It turns out this guy makes Mobile phone games. And it's been found going through his Twitter dated back to 2015 he is a huge Playstation fan by. And I mean huge. However in his defense, Apprantly in the original interview he wasn't talking about PS5 and Series X. He was actually talking about PS4 and Xbox One. But the translation from a guy in Twitter changed it to PS5 and Series X. So really this is all down to a Twitter user who either translated wrong on purpose or translated it just plain badly. Either way Crytek have made sure its been removed clearly. Because everyone already knows at this point Series X has a handy advantage in power and speed going into next Gen.
  • So in other words, this entire thing is a moot point because it was mistranslated and he wasn't even talking about the consoles the article (and others) claims he was.